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Episode 610 Spoilers: The Package; "Jin/Sun-centric"; March 30, 2010
2/27/10: Mikhail holds Sun hostage. He finds Keamy shot and as he checks on him, Jin jumps Mikhail. Jin ends up taking out Mikhail's eye. Omar was also shot sometime around this sequence. From The Transmission
2/27/10: Locke and Widmore shot a beach scene with the sonic fence. From Location Report [Seems like Widmore has returned to the Island, likely in the alternate time, and is using the sonic fence to either trap Locke or protect something from him.]
2/27/10: We'll find out how Mikhail lost his eye. From Ausello
2/27/10: Ben, Locke and Widmore shot a beach scene along with four scientists. From Location Report
2/27/10: Desmond, Mikhail and Sayid shot a "wet" scene. From Location Report
2/27/10: Filming apparently involved a second ("sleek and black" sub. Jack, Hurley, Jacob and the Man in Black were also at the same location, but not necessarily on the sub. From The Transmission
2/27/10: Alternate timeline scenes involved Jin, Sun, Omar, Keamy and Mikhail. From Location Report [So Mikhail is back too.]
2/27/10: Guest characters: DESK CLERK - Male. 30s, any ethnicity. Loves his job and is usually on top of things. When he's made a mistake, he's quick to accept it and resolve it satisfactorily. CO-STAR; KENDALL - Female. 30s, any ethnicity. Attractive and professional. Good at her job and does not cut any corners. CO-STAR; CUSTOMS OFFICIAL - Male. 50s, any ethnicity. Pot-bellied, efficient bureaucrat inured to travelers' pains and frustrations. Suspects people are always trying to get something past him. CO-STAR. From Casting Calls [Another Kendall? That seems dubious.]

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