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Episode 615 Spoilers: Across the Sea; "Jacob/Man-in-Black Centric"; May 11, 2010
5/10/10: The motives of John Locke are finally explained. From ABC Official Press Release
5/10/10: Jacob and Man in Black appear. Also appearing are Claudia, teenage boy, boy, woman and oldest hunter. From ABC Official Press Release ['Teenage boy' is young Jacob, 'boy' is young Man in Black and 'woman' is the one that they call mother.]
5/10/10: No series regulars will appear. From Kristin [So it's even more extreme in the storytelling than Richard's flashback, which at least had some scenes with regulars in the present.]
5/10/10: The episode is a flashback to when the Man in Black and Jacob were kids. The boy that has appeared on the Island since Jacob's death plays young Jacob. Apparently, a woman named Claudia was their mother, however another woman is called Mother by Jacob and the Man in Black. This woman tells Jacob that she killed Claudia. In 43 AD, an adult Jacob returns from gathering firewood to find his village has been destroyed. It's hinted that the Man in Black was responsible. Another scene involved a fight or scuffle and apparently Jacob and the Man in Black are at odds. Jacob chooses to leave with someone and the Man in Black points out, "She's not even our real mother." From Ryan in Hawaii
5/4/10: Location shooting involved a scene set in 23 AD with a number of children in the scene. From DarkUFO
5/4/10: Call sheet references Jacob, Man in Black and mother. Also, the Temple likely will no longer appear. Lastly, an outdoor set of the sub interior might have been built. From DarkUFO
5/2/10: Guest characters: LAUREN - Mediterranean looks, early to mid 20s. Attractive. Finds strength through desperation. Confident and maternal. CO-STAR; RYAN - Caucasian, blond, 9 years-old to play 8, kind and shy. He has to take a test and is chastised for not being as good as the other kids. NICE CO-STAR; SEAN - Caucasian, dark hair, 9 years-old to play 8. Curious and rebellious, has an independent spirit. NICE CO-STAR; MATT - Caucasian, dark hair, 12-14, dark hair, defiant and rebellious. Wise and smart but fights with other boys. He's given a big responsibility that makes him feel important. NICE CO-STAR. From Casting Calls

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