Deadliest Catch S5 DVD
Season 5

Season 5 of Deadliest Catch followed the October 2008 Red King Crab season and the January 2009 Opilio season. The boats featured were the F/V Cornelia Marie, F/V Northwestern, F/V Time Bandit, F/V Wizard, F/V Incentive, F/V Lisa Marie and F/V Trailblazer.

Episode 1: Everything On the Line; Original Air Date: 4/14/09
The opener of the fifth season finds two captains combating life-threatening illnesses while the fleet strives to recover from debts incurred by summer repair bills.

Episode 2: Red Skies in the Morning; Original Air Date: 4/21/09
A brutal storm keeps the captains fixated on their radios as a distress call is made.

Episode 3: Stay Focused or Die; Original Air Date: 4/28/09
A typhoon makes waves. Stories about a sunken ship cast a pall over the fleet.

Episode 4: Put Up or Shut Up; Original Air Date: 5/5/09
Hazing incidents and grueling hours at sea test the greenhorns of the king crab season.

Episode 5: Long Haul, Short Fuses; Original Air Date: 5/12/09
Empty crab pots leave the skippers stumped while the long hours make their crews temperamental.

Episode 6: Deadline; Original Air Date: 5/19/09
The skippers face adversity in the form of an arctic storm, battles within the ranks and a drop in the price of king crab.

Episode 7: Down to the Wire; Original Air Date: 5/26/09
Fished-out grounds create bleak conditions for the fleet as the king crab season winds down.

Episode 8: Payback Time; Original Air Date: 6/2/09
The 2009 Opilio crab season begins. While the hauls make up for shortcomings endured during the king crab season, the fleet is imperiled by an oncoming ice pack and a monstrous rogue wave.

Episode 9: No Second Chances; Original Air Date: 6/9/09
The fleet reaches the Opilio fishing grounds, where the crews must contend with icy, treacherous seas and shoddy information concerning their quarry.

Episode 10: Sea of Misery; Original Air Date: 6/16/09
Opilio crab season brings conditions that turn the crabbers crabby. A skipper must contend with icy seas.

Episode 11: Lockout; Original Air Date: 6/23/09
An ice pack blocks the fleet from the St. Paul harbor, hampering the skipper's efforts to off-load their Opilio crab hauls.

Episode 12: A Slap in the Face or a Kick in the Butt; Original Air Date: 6/30/09
The skippers must contend with frozen crabs, frozen gear and an icy harbor. Meanwhile, one captain struggles against his cigarette addiction and a wicked storm.

Episode 13: Ends of the Earth; Original Air Date: 7/7/09
The skippers take their crews to the far north after hearing about good fishing reports near the ice pack.

Episode 14: Bitter Tears; Original Air Date: 7/14/09
Serious mistakes ensue as the fleet becomes fatigued. Northwestern's Jake must cope with a heartbreaking tragedy on land.

Episode 15: Multiple Maydays; Original Air Date: 7/21/09
The Coast Guard mobilizes after a massive arctic storm results in multiple maydays.

Episode 16: Day of Reckoning; Original Air Date: 7/28/09
An arctic storm front menaces the fleet near the end of the Opilio-crab season. A tight-knit crew comes undone.

Episode 17: Shipwrecked; Original Air Date: 7/28/09
In the fifth-season finale, a storm results in multiple Maydays in the last day of the 2009 Opilio-crab season. The Coast Guard is summoned to save four men before their ship becomes wrecked by jagged rocks.

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