Deadliest Catch S1 DVD
Season 1

Season 1 of Deadliest Catch featured the October 2004 Red King Crab Season. It also followed the January 2005 Opilio Crab season, which was the last of the derby seasons before IFQ (Individual Fishing Quotas) took affect.

Episode 1: Greenhorns; Original Air Date: 4/12/05
Fifteen hundred fishermen converge on Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the beginning of the Alaskan king crab season. Each man is here to stake his claim on the estimated 14,267,000 pounds of crab and the chance to earn a year's wages in just one week.

Episode 2: Long Sleepless Nights; Original Air Date: 4/19/05
After a long night of baiting and setting crab pots, the fishermen anxiously await the captain's call to begin fishing. The first pot pulled of the season sets the mood. The early losers agonize over strategy, hoping to make up for a lost catch.

Episode 3: Lady Luck; Original Air Date: 4/26/05
It's hour 42 of the season, and every captain feels the pressure. The Alaskan Department of Fish and Game announces an early closure to the season, meaning each boat has just 24 hours to get their pots out of the water.

Episode 4: Beat the Clock; Original Air Date: 5/3/05
With less than half a day left in the Alaskan king crab season, the crews race the clock to get as much crab as they can. When the rush to unload begins, minutes can mean the difference between unloading immediately and waiting in the harbor for days.

Episode 5: Dead of Winter; Original Air Date: 5/10/05
It's the dead of winter in Dutch Harbor, where the days are a mere six hours long. With king crab season winding down and the Opilio crab frenzy about to begin, the remaining 171 boats quickly head for the next prize.

Episode 6: Man Overboard; Original Air Date: 5/17/05
The 2005 Opilio crab season doesn't start - it stumbles. The Big Valley sinks, and "good samaritan" boats help search for survivors in the frigid sea. As the rest of the fleet resumes fishing, tragedy strikes again.

Episode 7: High Hopes; Original Air Date: 5/24/05
It's been a little over 12 hours since the Opilio crab season opened, and the Bering Sea has already claimed six lives. Despite these losses, the men stay upbeat as they begin to pull in their pots. For the first time this season, the seas are calm.

Episode 8: Good Fishing; Original Air Date: 5/31/05
Unseasonably warm weather and calm seas contribute to crab totals for the fleet. Capt. Sig Hansen and his crew land on the crab early and crank through their gear, filling two of the boat's three holds.

Episode 9: The Clock's Ticking; Original Air Date: 6/7/05
The hunt for crab intensifies as the season winds down. Rumors of a possible closure prompt the men to push even harder. Frustrated by a lack of results, Capt. Jim Stone of the Retriever decides to give up on the Northern fishing grounds.

Episode 10: The Final Run; Original Air Date: 6/14/05
With the deaths of the Big Valley crew, this Opilio crab season has been a rough one. As the last hours of the season tick down, a new race begins - the race back to port. Captains strategize and compete for the best spot in line to off-load.

Best of Season 1; Original Air Date: 3/26/06
Highlights from the series' first year include dangers, adventures and disasters encountered during the crab-fishing season.

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