Deadliest Catch S7 DVD
Season 7:
After the Catch V

NOTE: The general release Season 7 DVD set does not include any bonus content including After the Catch V. That content is only available in a set availible from the Discovery Channel store.

After the Catch V was a five-part series that first aired immediately following several episodes of the latter half of Season 7. The series was filmed in Honalulu, Hawaii in early June 2011.

Episode 1: Low Tide; Original Air Date: 6/14/11
The captains discuss the 'highs' and 'lows' of fishing the Bering Sea. A tense reunion between Josh Harris and Derrik Ray during the roundtable nearly escalates into an on-camera brawl.

Episode 2: Relentless; Original Air Date: 6/21/11
The captains reflect on a memorable storm and shortcomings in the King Crab season.

Episode 3: Save Me; Original Air Date: 6/28/11
The captains recall perilous situations and injuries caused by monstrous waves and encounters with steel.

Episode 4: Fresh Blood; Original Air Date: 7/5/11
Boat changes and a greenhorn who quit after two days at sea are discussed.

Episode 5: High Tide; Original Air Date: 7/12/11
High points from the season are discussed, including remarks from Jake and Josh Harris about skipper Tony Lara. Also: deckhand Jake Anderson reflects on learning how to dock the boat.

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