After the Catch

After the Catch was a four-part series that first aired immediately follwing each of the final four episodes of Season 3. The series was a roundtable of Captains and select deckhands filmed in Seattle after the 2007 Opilio season ended.

Episode 1: Overboard; Original Air Date: 5/29/07
Successful and failed rescue attempts on the Bering Sea, as told by fishermen and Coast Guard personnel who participated.

Episode 2: Man Vs. Nature; Original Air Date: 6/5/07
Fishermen swap tales of the worst storms they remember, gigantic rogue waves and the Big Valley tragedy. Also included are light-hearted stories about exhaustion, seasickness and crazy antics.

Episode 3: Mysteries at Sea; Original Air Date: 6/12/07
Peculiar aspects of crab fishing are discussed by the captains and their crews, including unique fishing rituals and a ghost-ship story. Also, individuals share their own "close call" stories. "Deadliest Catch" series creator Thom Beers appears.

Episode 4: On the Edge; Original Air Date: 6/19/07
Crab fishermen discuss their family connection to their career, and recall the glory days of crab fishing, and Mike Rowe invites women seen on "Deadliest Catch" to add their perspective. Also discussed are the most notorious pranks at sea and on land.

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