Alaskan Crab Fishing

Starting in 2005, the Alaskan crab fisheries saw an end of the open derbies, which were replaced by IFQs. The Individual Fishing Quotas shrunk the number of boats in the fleet down to roughly eighty vessels. However, it guaranteed that those vessels had a set quota of crab to fish out of the season's fishery. By eliminating the derbies, safety was increased and minimum paydays were all but assured. It eliminated huge paydays as well since every boat now knows exactly what its max catch will be before it ever sets out.

King Crab:
Deadliest Catch features the Red Crab season. Red Crab is the most sought after type of King Crab. Their fishing season typically starts in October. They are caught in the waters of Bristol Bay and Norton Sound. Red King Crab can have a leg span of up to six feet.

Opilio Crab:
Opilio crab along with bairdi are known as "Tanner" crab. Commercially, opilio crab are better known as snow crab. Opilio crab are much smaller than King Crab and are typically one to two pounds in weight. The opilio crab season usually starts in January.

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