FV Aleutian Ballad
F/V Aleutian Ballad
The F/V Aleutian Ballad is a 100-foot house aft vessel. Corky Tilley is her captain.

FV Early Dawn
F/V Early Dawn
The F/V Early Dawn is a 108-foot vessel. She was built in 1978 in Seattle, Washington by Marine Construction and Design Company (MARCO). In Season 3, she was captained by Allen Oakley. In Season 4, she was captained by Rick Fehst. She appeared during the third season and was a featured boat during the fourth season.

FV Farwest Leader
F/V Farwest Leader
The F/V Farwest Leader is a 110-foot vessel. She was built in 1979 in Puget Sound, Washington. She is managed by Trident Seafood Corporation, which owns it in partnership with Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association (APICDA). Greg Moncrief, whose first experience as captain came in 1994 on the F/V Maverick, has been her captain since 2001. She was featured during the third season.

FV North American
F/V North American
The F/V North American is a 110-foot vessel. Her home port is Seattle, Washington. She is captained by Sten Skaar and is owned by Sten and his family. The North American is a "green" fishing boat using the Gen-Tech engine system to lower carbon emission. She was featured during the fourth season.

FV Rollo
F/V Rollo
The F/V Rollo is a 108-foot vessel. She was built in 1976. Her home port is Seattle, Washington. Eric Nyhammer is her captain. She and her crew was featured during the second season.

FV Wizard
F/V Wizard
Official Site of the F/V Wizard
The F/V Wizard is a 155-foot vessel. She was built in 1945 by the US Navy in Brooklyn, New York by the Ira S. Bushey shipyard and designated YO-210. After the war, she was mothballed and later made only one voyage. In 1978, she was purchased by John Jorgensen and renamed the Wizard. She was refitted as a crabber by Bender Shipyard in Louisiana with MARCO Shipyard in Seattle finishing the conversion. Keith Colburn started working on the Wizard in 1988 and became her captain in 1992. In 2005, he bought the Wizard from John Jorgensen and continues to serve as her captain.

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