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General Howes Dog
General Howe's Dog:
George Washington, the Battle of Germantown,
and the Dog Who Crossed Enemy Lines

by Caroline Tiger
Published by Chamberlain Bros.
A Penguin (USA) Group Imprint
July 2005

Table of Contents:
126 pages (plus Notes and Sources, and Acknowledgments); 8 chapters.
One. Howe and Washington Join the Army
Two. Dogs in Early America
Three. Dogs at War
Four. Sweet Lips Gets Washington a Job
Five. The Gentleman's Code
Six. The Battle of Germantown
Seven. General Howe's Dog
Eight. The War Ends
Appendix 1: Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation
Appendix 2: Breed Standard of the Treeing Walker

Summary from the Book Flap:
George Washington and William Howe were opposing commanders in a bitter feud between a rebellious colony and what was once the greatest military power on earth. But the two men also shared an infinite love of the gentleman's sporting life, horses, and especially dogs. After the Battle of Germantown during the American Revolutionary War, Washington's adherence to the code of eighteenth-century gentlemanly behavior was put on display for history to witness when he sent a letter to British general howe, accompanied by Howe's dog, who had apparently crossed enemy lines during the conflict.

Detailing the early lives of Washington and Howe, General Howe's Dog provides a glimpse into the genteel upbringing and military ascension of both men, as well as a chronicle of the battle that prompted a most unusual wartime footnote. This remarkable account also looks athe history of dogs in war and features the Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior that Washington adhered to throughout his life, and canine breeding standards that he helped to define.

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