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Legend of the Rangers

From Warner Home Video: The year is 2264 and the war may have ended, but the adventure has just begun. An elite group of human and alien military rangers have been chosen to travel space and establish peace and harmony for the Interstellar Alliance, its member worlds and Earth. The Rangers combine their high-tech elements of space travel with the idealism and honor of the knights of old to create an out-of-this-world team. While on their crusade to end the hostility that has plagued the worlds for so long, The Rangers encounter a previously unknown alien race they quickly realize is the most lethal group of species alive. While the Rangers battle to keep Earth and all the worlds in the Interstellar Alliance safe, they are tested in ways never imagined. Action and courage against insurmountable odds must prevail in order to keep the Rangers alive in their quest for inter-galactic peace.

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Network politics at TNT led to Crusade's cancellation and TNT shelving reruns of Babylon 5. The SciFi Channel stepped in and acquired the rights to Babylon 5. The network also commissioned J. Michael Stracynski to conceive a new series. The Legend of the Rangers was filmed as a backdoor pilot, but when it generated disappointing ratings, the greenlight for a series was never given. Though scheduling didn't give it much of a chance to succeed, we were also disappointed in the pilot which was nowhere near as good as Babylon 5's "The Gathering." This pilot came across as unpolished and underwhelming especially when considering that it was set within an established storytelling universe, though there were some elements that had great potential.
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