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Night Court
Night Court Season 1 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Hello, Goodbye"; 9/26/85
while Harry searches for someone to take Selma's place, Bull goes on a bender to mourn his friend's passing.

Episode 2: "The Hostage"; 10/3/85
A weird little man who claims he's from Saturn grabs an evidence gun and takes Dan hostage.

Episode 3: "Dad's First Date"; 10/17/85
Dinner, a movie and a charge of soliciting a prostitute. Things don't go well when Christine's dad goes out on his first date in ears.

Episode 4: "Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations"; 10/24/85
Mac's grandfather has millioins, and he's not about to leave them to a grandson who married a foreign girl.

Episode 5: "Halloween Too"; 10/31/85
On Halloween, Harry falls for a beauty who claims to be a witch.

Episode 6: "Best of Friends"; 11/7/85
Dan's college buddy Chip has changed a bit over the years: he's now an elegant redhead named Charlene.

Episode 7: "Dan's Boss"; 11/14/85
Dan makes fun of a dwarf... who turns out to be his new boss.

Episode 8: "Up on the Roof"; 11/28/85
A rock star's shrink is more interested in his patient's bank account than his mental well-being.

Episode 9: "Wheels of Justice, Part 1"; 12/5/85
In a financial bind, the State of New York stops paying its employees.

Episode 10: "Wheels of Justice, Part 2"; 12/12/85
Distraught when he can't help a family in need, Harry walks out of the courtroom... and doesn't come back.

Episode 11: "Walk Away, Renee"; 12/19/85
Bull flips over a lady who happens to be a lady of the evening. Who's going to clue the lovelorn bailiff in?

Episode 12: "Dan's Escort"; 1/9/86
Escort-for-hire Dan is nonplussed when an aging client requests some extra, umm, services.

Episode 13: "The Night Off"; 1/16/86
A loopy substitute judge pus Harry, Dan and Mac in the slammer and appoints Flo and Phil the Wino as counsel.

Episode 14: "Harry and Leon";1/23/86
Judge Stone plays Judge Hardy when he becomes foster father to an orphaned shoeshine boy named Leon.

Episode 15: "The Apartment"; 1/30/86
A social worker pops in to check on Leon while Harry hosts a wild birthday bash for Dan.

Episode 16: "Leon, We Hardly Knew Ye"; 2/6/86
Leon's going home with great adoptive parents. So why is Harry so blue that even Mel Torme can't cheer him up?

Episode 17: "The Mugger"; 2/20/86
There ougha be a law: Christine calls it quits after she's mugged.

Episode 18: "Could This Be Magic?"; 2/27/86
Abracadabra, they're gone! Harry's childhood hero, now a down-on-his-luck magician, makes off with Harry's possessions.

Episode 19: "Monkey Business"; 3/6/86
Bull goes ape when he discovers that the baby orangutan he's befriended will be used for animal research.

Episode 20: "Flo's Retirement"; 3/13/86
Hold the party and gold watch. Flo reaches mandatory retirement age, but no one wants to see her go - especially Flo.

Episode 21: "Hurricane, Part 1"; 5/1/86
A hurricane traps four mothers-to-be in the courtroom. and all four are going to be mothers now.

Episode 22: "Hurrican, Part 2"; 5/8/86
Juvenile court. Harry, Christine, Dan, Mac, Bull and Flo learn everything there is to learn about birthin' babies.

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