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Night Court
Night Court Season 1 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "All You Need Is Love"; 1/4/84
In the series premier, Harry flips a coin to decide the fate of a woman charged with attempted murder.

Episode 2: "Santa Goes Downtown"; 1/11/84
A man in a red suit is charged with trespassing and tries to convince the court that he's Santa Claus.

Episode 3: "The Former Harry Stone"; 1/18/84
While searching Judge Stone's personnel records, the staff discovers that he has a criminal record.

Episode 4: "Welcome Back, Momma"; 2/1/84
Harry meets a lonely woman who seems to know the details of his life and claims to be his long-lost mother. The sleazy promoter of a beauty contest appears in court.

Episode 5: "The Eye of the Beholder"; 2/8/84
Bull sulks after a charitable organization turns down his help, claiming his size and appearance are intimidating.

Episode 6: "Death Threat"; 2/15/84
The staff is on edge after a note threatening Harry comes through the window, and a bomb is discovered in the courtroom.

Episode 7: "Once in Love with Harry"; 2/22/84
A hooker mistakes Harry's kindness for love. Dan seems to be losing the city-council election---to a dead man.

Episode 8: "Quadrangle of Love"; 2/29/84
A new co-worker captivates Dan, but he is crushed when he discovers there are other men in her life.

Episode 9: "Wonder Drugs"; 3/7/84
Lana interrupts courtroom proceedings with bizarre behavior induced by medication

Episode 10: "Some Like It Hot"; 3/14/84
A Soviet charged with selling stolen property would rather die in the courtroom than go to jail.

Episode 11: "Harry and the Rock Star"; 3/21/84
Rock fans and a reporter wreak havoc in the courtroom when Harry starts dating a rock star.

Episode 12: "Bull's Baby"; 3/28/84
The staff wonders why Bull is sleeping on the job---until they learn he's become a father.

Episode 13: "Hi Honey, I'm Home"; 5/31/84
Harry must determine the legal husband of a woman who remarried after her spouse was mistakenly declared dead.

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