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Night Court
Night Court Season 1 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "The Nun"; 9/27/84
An impressionable nun decides to give up her vows after meeting Harry in court.

Episode 2: "Daddy for the Defense"; 10/4/84
Lawyer Christine Sullivan is nervous about her first case, thanks to her outspoken father and Harry.

Episode 3: "Billie and the Cat"; 10/18/84
Lawyer Billie Young spends her first night behind bars for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of a cat her client is accused of stealing.

Episode 4: "Pick a Number"; 10/25/84
Chaos erupts when a man with a winning lottery ticket asks Harry to give it to a worthy person.

Episode 5: "The Computer Kid"; 11/1/84
After a dispute with his principal, a computer whiz holds the school's computer records hostage.

Episode 6: "Bull Gets a Kid"; 11/8/84
Bull becomes a "volunteer father" and is crushed when he learns he's been deceived by his charge.

Episode 7: "Harry on Trial"; 11/15/84
Harry's called before a judicial review board.

Episode 8: "Harry and the Madam"; 11/22/84
Evidence in the case of a madam includes her diary, which exposes politicians and captains of industry.

Episode 9: "Inside Harry Stone"; 11/29/84
Ulcer symptoms put Harry in the hospital, but he'd rather endure the pain than endure tests to find its cause.

Episode 10: "The Blizzard"; 12/6/84
A blizzard traps a crowd in the courtroom and Dan in an elevator with a man who's attracted to him.

Episode 11: "Take My Wife, Please"; 12/13/84
Mac must find a way to tell his Vietnamese friend Quon Le that he married her so she could stay in the U.S.

Episode 12: "The Birthday Visitor"; 1/3/85
Billie invites Harry to her apartment for dinner, but their evening is disrupted by a flustered intruder.

Episode 13: "Dan's Parents"; 1/10/85
Dan receives a visit from his parents (John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan), who he had led everyone to believe were dead.

Episode 14: "Nuts About Harry";1/17/85
Patients from a mental institution try to convince the court that they're being mistreated at the hospital.

Episode 15: "An Old Flame"; 1/24/85
Selma runs into an old flame who wants to whisk her off to Florida.

Episode 16: "The Gypsy"; 1/31/85
A curse paralyzes Bull, and Harry must conjure up a cure.

Episode 17: "Battling Bailiff"; 2/7/85
Bull's having an identity crisis---so he quits his job and decides to become a wrestler.

Episode 18: "Billie's Valentine"; 2/14/85
On Valentine's Day, Billie's new heartthrob has an effect on her that's criminal.

Episode 19: "Married Alive"; 2/21/85
The staff believes Dan is golddigging when he proposes to a homely woman who's heir to $40 million.

Episode 20: "Mac and Quon Le: Together Again"; 2/28/85
Quon Le's appearance before the court prompts Mac to face responsibility in his marriage. Harry chooses between Dan and Billie for recommendation to the mayor's commission.

Episode 21: "World War III"; 5/2/85
Harry searches for a Soviet defector (John Lykes) while American and Soviet agents forge an arms agreement in his chambers.

Episode 22: "Walk, Don't Wheel"; 5/9/85
A disabled law student asks Harry out on a date, then considers his refusal an "imaginative excuse."

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