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Portrayed by: Karl Urban

Appears in:
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Éomer In The Return of the King:
Éomer rides with Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and King Théoden to Isengard where they encountered Merry and Pippin who were serving as doorwardens for Treebeard. He then returns to Edoras with his uncle and the others where they celebrate the victory at Helm's Deep. After the Beacons of Gondor are lit to call upon the Rohirrim for aid, his uncle orders him to make for Dunharrow where their force will gather before riding to Gondor.

At Dunharrow, Éomer tells Eowyn to stop encouraging Merry, who has entered into the service of the Rohirrim, because he is too small. Éomer helps lead the Rohirrim into battle at Pelennor Fields. After the death of his uncle King Théoden, Éomer leads the Rohirrim. He takes part in the War Council in Minas Tirith and leads the Rohirrim to the Black Gate of Mordor.

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