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Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins

Portrayed by: Ian Holm

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Return of the King

Bilbo Baggins In The Fellowship of the Ring:
Bilbo puts together a huge birthday party to celebrate his eleventy-first (111th) birthday. He tells Gandalf that he means to leave The Shire and leave Bag End to his nephew, Frodo. At his birthday party, he gives a speech, slips on his Ring and disappears. At Bag End, Gandalf greets him and they have a discussion with Gandalf having to strongly pursuade Bilbo to leave the Ring behind.

While Frodo recovers from the Witchking's wounding at Rivendell, he discovers that Bilbo is staying there as well. Bilbo is happy to see Frodo, but without the Ring, he has begun to age. As Frodo prepares to leave with the Fellowship, Bilbo gives him his Elven dagger (sword for Hobbits) Sting and a Coat of Mithril Mail. During this time, Bilbo glimpses the Ring and is overwhelmed by a desire to take it back. He then apologizes for bringing the great responsibility of the One Ring on Frodo. He remains at Rivendell to finish his book about his and Frodo's adventures as the Fellowship departs for Mt. Doom.

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