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Rosie Cotton
Rosie Cotton

Portrayed by: Sarah McLeod

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Return of the King

Rosie Cotton:
- Barmaid at the Green Dragon (from deleted scenes)

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
At Bilbo's birthday party, Sam is watching Rosie dance. He is too shy to ask her to dance, so Frodo literally sends Sam into her path. In a deleted scene found on the Special Extended Edition, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are enjoying some good conversation and ale at the Green Dragon. Sam somewhat jealously watches other patrons flirt with Rosie, who is a barmaid there.

In The Return of the King:
After Sam and the other Hobbits return to The Shire, Sam marries Rosie and starts a family with her. After seeing Frodo and the other Ringbearers sail into the West, Sam returns to his family's Hobbit-hole where he is greeted by Rosie and their two children in what is the final scene of the film trilogy.

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