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Season 1 General Spoilers
3/19/10: Lacy rides a motorcycle [with Keon by the sound of it]. Lacy also " keeps getting these really hard decisions and none of them are good options, so what she basically has to decide is what's the lesser of all evils. So that's where the conflict happens, she keeps making these really bad decisions that snowball. It changes Lacy; it takes her to a whole completely different place at the end of the season. Everyone will be surprised." From SyFy Upfronts
3/18/10: Barnabas is a "rogue" member of STO. He's on the more violent extreme and his motivation is that he "lost a loved one to decadence." From USA Weekend
3/18/10: Lucy Lawless has been contacted about reprising the role of D'Anna. From TV Guide [Caprica doesn't seem to be lining up with the sketchy timeline for the Cylon War and Final Five that we were given in BSG.]
3/18/10: There are divisions within the STO. From L.A. Times [So there will be different agendas even in the STO.]
3/18/10: In addition to Caprica, Tauron and Gemenon, Scorpia and Sagittaron will get more mentions. From L.A. Times [Her "friendship" with Sister Clarice looks to supplanted that storyline.]
3/18/10: The storyline of Amanda's affair (seen in the drafts of the pilot) has been dropped. From SciFi Wire [Her "friendship" with Sister Clarice looks to supplanted that storyline.]
3/18/10: Esai Morales hints that Joseph Adama tries something that fails and he has to "go on a run." He also said there might be a time jump in the season finale. From Seattle Post-Intelligencer
3/18/10: The 12 colonies are a cluster of stars, rather than planets in the same solar system. Two colonies orbit Ragnar and another colony isn't even on a planet. From Airlock Alpha
3/18/10: By the third episode of Season 1.5, there will be five Zoes. From SciFi Wire [We still have only seen three: Original Zoe, Cylon Zoe and Avatar Zoe.]
1/28/10: Aleks Paunovic (BSG's Sgt. Fischer) has been cast as William Adama, father of Joseph Adama and grandfather of BSG's William Adama. He is set to appear in flashback scenes. From
1/28/10: The first season will now consist of the two-hour pilot and seventeen hour-long episodes for a total of nineteen hours. The first ten hours (pilot and eight hour-long episodes will air through March. The season will then "take a break" and return in the fall with the remaining nine hour-long episodes. The official word is that Caprica was "more expensive" than anticipated, so an hour was cut rather than trimming the budget and "jeopardize" quality. From Chicago Tribune [We last had reported twenty episodes in addition to the two hour pilot. Apparently, we were wrong and they were looking for a total of twenty hours, but have now trimmed that to nineteen.]
1/24/10: Peter Wingfield (Highlander: The Series' Methos) has been cast as Agent Duram's boss, Global Defense Department Director Gara Singh. From
1/24/10: Comedian Patton Oswalt has been cast as Baxter Sarno, a recurring late night tv host. Though he have interview scenes with Daniel and Amanda Graystone, Sarno mostly is seen in the background doing his monologues. From Hollywood Reporter
1/24/10: James Marsters has been cast to appear in at least three episodes as terrorist Barnabus Greeley. From Battlestar Blog [This is the character that Keon promises Lacy to set up a meeting in Episode 104, so his first appearance is likely not until at least Episode 105.]
1/24/10: Luciana Carro (Kat on BSG) has been cast and is expected to appear in at least five episodes. From Battlestar Blog
1/24/10: In addition to Sam Adama having a husband, another character is in a group marriage consisting of "heterosexual as well as homosexual couplings." From TV Guide
1/23/10: Though the other colonies as well as space flight will be referenced, the show will stay on Caprica predominately in the urban environment of Caprica City. From Crave Online [In other words, if you are hopeing for a retread - in prequel form - of BSG, you'll be disappointed.]
1/23/10: Ron Moore says that they are "going to try real hard to resist" including other ancestors beyond the Adamas. There are also no plans for flashforwards to tie Caprica to BSG. They also want to have Caprica "break the mold of Battlestar." Caprica will also be more serialized than BSG. From Crave Online [In other words, if you are hopeing for a retread - in prequel form - of BSG, you'll be disappointed.]
1/23/10: Caprica picks up at the place where "Caprica is just one of 12 colonies, all of which tend to have a relationship with one another but tend to war with each other now and again. It's not a unified nation state so much as it is 12 colonies that have squabbles but trade among each other. The cylons represent sort of a breakthrough in technology on Caprica but the Vergis company is certainly on the same path on Tauron. There's probably a couple other places of high technology that exist in 12 colonies, but essentially they're all on the cusp of this breakthrough." From Crave Online
1/23/10: From Ron Moore, "[Caprica] really has to stand on its own and have its own sort of rhythm, its own style of storytelling. It's not going to be quite as heavy and dark as Battlestar was because of its very nature. It's pre-Apocalyptic as opposed to post-Apocalyptic. This is a vibrant still thriving world that's headed for disaster but none of them know that, so the whole tenor of the show is very different." From Crave Online
6/27/09: Caprica will "likely" debut January 2010. From Chicago Tribune
6/20/09: Seven scripts are done and shooting begins in mid-July. According to David Eick, "I think audiences are going to be quite surprised by how we develop the Zoe character, the robot character and its relationship with her father and her best friend, Lacy. It's really a very emotional sort of melodrama. It's not as sci-fi as Battlestar was." According to Ron Moore, "It's gonna be about her struggle to escape. Where does she try to go? Both physically in the real world, and can she get back to the virtual world? Where does she want to go? Even if she could [go anywhere], in a perfect world, in Zoe's mind, where would that be? What would she do?... Season 1 will be a lot about what's happening to the robot in the real world and the lab and as they start to move forward in Cylon development and also Zoe trying to figure out where she fits in, can she fit in, can she escape, where would she escape to. What's her drive and what's it all about?" As far as Joseph and Daniel, Moore says, "We pick up from that point and they're on very different tracks for quite awhile. Joseph has different priorities than Daniel does. Neither of them is really thinking that anything from the pilot is going to resurface again. Daniel has no idea that Zoe exists in the Cylon and as far as Joseph is concerned, that's all yesterday's news and he's trying to move on with his son. Each of them will find in very early episodes that actually, these things have reverberations and repercussions and they'll be drawn back in to these plotlines." Lastly, Eick addressed the choice to name the aborted Cylon model Daniel, "You're asking whether or not [Daniel Graystone] has a relationship to.? No. It's very clean. It's very separate from Battlestar in that respect. I understand what you mean, but there is no relationship there." From IGN [In another interview, Moore mentioned that eight scripts were already done.]
5/24/09: According to Alessandra Torresani, "I'm playing the original Zoe in flashbacks. I'm playing avatar Zoe, and we're going to have a few more avatar Zoes in the club. I know I'm going to be blond in one of them, maybe I'll have pink hair in another one, and then I'm also going to be playing the Cylon. So who knows when the Cylon's going to come through?" From SciFi Wire
4/30/09: According to Magda Apanowicz, "Lacy and Zoe stay connected because Zoe has no one else to turn to but Lacy, but there are going to be a lot of ups and downs with us-a lot of hard situations, a lot of drama. Sister Clarice [is] very manipulative, and Lacy has no idea what she's doing. She has no idea she's even in the game." From Kristin
4/30/09: According to Alessandra Torresani, "There are a lot of flashbacks" to Zoe's life before she died. Espenson hints that Zoe's involvement with Ben isn't her first brush with dangerous men. Torresani also added, "Zoe A is in the club, and Zoe R is robot Zoe...Centurion Zoe. There's a lot of Zoe to come-a lot of different hair colors, a lot of different outfits. Robot Zoe is amazing actually. They're having me take miming classes. We're going to get the robot to do exactly what I can do. They really want me to feel as if I am a Cylon and that I'm living this." From Kristin [The pilot had left it ambiguous as to whether Zoe-A continued after Daniel's download, but now we know that she's still around.]
4/30/09: According to Jane Espenson, "We will be exploring the sorts of problems that all girls have, pretty or not, as pretty as our girls are. But, yes, teenage girls have a rough road. A sci-fi show like Caprica allows you to look at those in a way that's not "Lifetime movie I can't eat another bite because I'm anorexic" but in metaphorical way, so that you can really get into the meat of them." From Kristin
4/30/09: According to Ron Moore, it was all about making interesting characters to follow week to week, which is where the serialized stories will come in. Meanwhile, Eick said there was plenty to follow on the show, including "the development of A.I." From IGN
4/27/09: According to Jane Espenson, there will be "humor and fun... When we rejoin the show, everyone will still be reeling from that event, but they'll be beginning, almost subconsciously, to slip back into the patterns of life... So expect some fun, some funny, and some dazzle." From Jane Espenson [So the first episode will apparently pick up not long after the events of the pilot, rather than any kind of time jump.]
4/27/09: According to Jane Espenson, "The development of the Cylons in the Colonies" is "going to have the surprises." From Jane Espenson
4/27/09: According to Jane Espenson, "The Colonies are not yet unified under a central government. And we WILL travel off-world to other colonies." From Jane Espenson
4/27/09: In addition to BSG alums Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor and Ryan Mottesheard, the writing staff also includes Patrick Massett (Friday Night Lights, John Zinman (Friday Night Lights) and Kath Lingenfelter (Pushsing Daisies). From Jane Espenson
4/25/09: Pilot Script Draft can be seen here [There are additional storylines that might appear in the first season. Consider this speculation since those storylines were left out for various reasons.]
4/5/09: The show "takes place on Caprica 58 years before the fall, so there isn't much of an opportunity for character crossover. And it's very different in some fundamental ways - not a space-based show. It's about families in conflict, domestic disorder, domestic terrorism, the rise of a new religion, organized crime, corporate sabotage, racism of a colony-vs.-colony sort, drugs, sex, murder and, of course, ROBOTS." From Jane Espenson [We knew most of this already, although we can't recall the show being pinned to exactly fifty-eight years before the start of BSG. Assuming that the Cylon attacks took place forty years after the end of the war and the war itself lasted thirteen as Razor (and its minisodes) seemed to establish, that would seem to put the start of Caprica at about five years before the start of the First Cylon War. Hopefully, this means that there is a "planned" four or five year arc for the series.]
4/5/09: According to Esai Morales, "[The nation-state planet of] Caprica represents the values that we as Americans represent, and my family comes from [the nation-state planet] Tauron, which is a more repressive establishment, like a mixture of Iran and Latin America or the Soviet Union... and my family gets victimized or caught up in the politics of monotheism and polytheism." From E! Online
1/25/09: Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor and Ryan Mottesheard will join Executive Producer Ron Moore as writers. At some point during the first season, Jane Espenson will take over showrunner and Executive Producer duties. Their goal is to have a number of scripts ready when shooting begins in July. Two scripts may already be ready. From Chicago Tribune [Of those two scripts already done, Michael Angeli and Mark Verheiden were likely involved.]
1/21/09: Bear McCreary has begun scoring the Caprica pilot and will score the first season. From Bear's Battlestar Blog [Considering how integral his music became to BSG, that's why we're considering this news a spoiler.]
1/19/09: As of mid-January, the writing staff is being put together. The series is set to begin shooting in July. The budget will the "comparable" to Galactica, but will be "tougher to produce because it's so location-driven... It's a different series with different goals [than BSG]." From MediaBlvd
1/2/08: SciFi Channel has greenlit Caprica for a 2010 premier. Filming of the twenty episodes of the series is expected to begin somewhere around mid-2009. From Variety [Since nothing is said about the backdoor pilot, we're assuming that it will be held to air with the rest of the episodes as had previously been considered.]
11/30/08: Though there were plans to air Caprica in December, SciFi Channel has now chosen to hold the pilot until after BSG Season 4.5 with a hint that it might not air at all. From TV Guide [We're guessing that SciFi Channel will throw it out there not long after the finale to see if the afterglow of BSG carries over to Caprica.]
8/23/08: If Caprica is picked up a series, it would be for a total of thirteen hours including the pilot episode. From Chicago Tribune
8/23/08: Ron Moore said Caprica "is shot very different, and I think I was particularly attracted to the idea of doing a science fiction piece that was not built on a foundation of action adventure. It wasn't about Vipers and it wasn't about the Cylons attacking every other week. It was really a character piece. It was really a drama, and you can infuse with a lot of political commentary and a lot of religious overtones and really dig into a people and a society and how and why it all came unglued." From Chicago Tribune
8/23/08: Sister Clarice Willow is secretly teaching monotheism even as she is the headmistress of a religious school. From TV Guide
8/11/08: Caprica has been scheduled to air in the UK on SkyOne in November 2008. From SFCrowsnest
8/8/08: Space has secured the Canadian rights and Sky One has secured the UK rights to Caprica. From Media in Canada / From Variety [This kind of news seems to point to Caprica being picked up as a series]
8/2/08: According to David Eick, no one from Caprica will turn up in the last episodes of BSG. From io9
7/25/08: As glimpsed in one of the recent promo pics, Caprica's "look is nostalgic, almost 1950s, with the men in hats, ties and stylish suits." It "is a sweeping, highly emotional relationship drama." From Remi Aubuchon to TV Guide [Caprica continues to be set up to be even less "science fiction-y" than BSG was.]
7/22/08: SciFi Channel is planning to evaluate a cut of the pilot and if they like it enough to pick up the show as a series, they'll likely air it as part of the series in 2009. The series would also not be picked up for a limited run, but as an open-ended series. From Chicago Tribune
7/16/08: SciFi Channel has ordered two more scripts which are being worked on by Ron Moore, Michael Angeli, Mark Verheiden and Ryan Mottesheard. From Chicago Tribune
6/21/08: Koenigrules has reported that there is already an order for thirteen episodes for the first season of Caprica in addition to the pilot that is already filming. From The Doctor and Mrs. Who
4/27/08: Though lightly touched upon during the pilot, organized crime is expected to play a major role in the series. [If greenlit]. From Ausiello
3/22/08: Production will begin this spring on a two-hour backdoor pilot. Moore said he will be "very involved" with the pilot, but stressed that it's too soon to say whether he'd remain on board if SCI FI Channel gave the green light for a weekly Caprica show. From SciFi Wire
3/22/08: "This is really more of a sci-fi Dallas," Moore said. "It's a political story, a family story. It's about the creation of the Cylons, and it's about a company. It's planet-based. It's very character-oriented, very serialized and very much about the characters. It's a whole different genre, and that's what makes it exciting." From SciFi Wire
3/22/08: Casting is in progress now. From SciFi Wire
3/19/08: The pilot was written by Ron Moore and Remi Aubuchon and will be directed by Jeffrey Reiner. From Chicago Tribune
3/19/08: "Set 50 years before Battlestar Galactica, Caprica follows two rival families - the Greystones and the Adamas - as they grow, compete, and thrive in the vibrant world of the 12 Colonies. Enmeshed in the burgeoning technology of artificial intelligence and robotics that will eventually lead to the creation of the Cylons, the two houses go toe-totoe." From SciFi Channel Official Release [The release also includes comments from both Ronald Moore and David Eick, so hopefully they would be actively involved in Caprica.]
3/19/08: Caprica has officially been greenlit for a 2-hour backdoor pilot. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront
3/15/08: Ron Moore himself again mentioned that Caprica is still being discussed. From Ron Moore Interview with IGN
3/8/08: KoenigRules is reporting that the pilot has been greenlit and that production will ramp up in two weeks. From The Doctor and Mrs. Who
2/23/08: During the writers' strike, Ron Moore was asked about the renewed interest in Caprica and he stated that the studio/network had not contacted him or others involved in the development of that show. [So if there was activity, it was with whatever script that studio already had in hand.]
1/15/08: Because of the lack of available material thanks to the strike, NBC-Universal asked SciFi Channel to take another look at the scripted pilot for Caprica. From TV Guide
9/22/07: With Battlestar Galactica coming to an end, SciFi Channel is said to now be considering ordering a two-hour pilot that would be similar to the BSG miniseries in that it would be stand-alone, but with a backdoor for a series. This is said be due to their desire to keep both Ron Moore and the Battlestar Galactica audience around. From TV Week's James Hibbert
6/9/07: Caprica is desgned to have a "built-in" ending like BSG does. From SciFi Channel Q & A
6/3/07: Caprica is not currently in development. From Lower Hudson Online Blog
3/24/07: RDM described the series this way: "It was a different kind of show. Instead of an action-adventure sci-fi piece, it was more of a prime-time soap, a sci-fi Dallas. It was about a family, the Adamas, and a company, and it was about the creation of the cylons 50 years ago. It was not going to be space-based, but set entirely on the planet of Caprica. But it would have sci-fi touches, and it would deal with issues like artificial intelligence and the various schemings and backbitings that you get in the traditional soap opera." From Ronald D. Moore Interview with [That whole "soap opera" bit is not going to music to most BSG fans' ears, since the Lee/Dee/Kara/Anders storyline from Season 3 was widely DERIDED as being too much of a soap opera. That feedback also couldn't have instilled much confidence in SciFi Channel execs.]
3/24/07: RDM reported that Caprica has not yet been picked up by SciFi Channel. There is still discussion of a movie or a miniseries that would serve as a backdoor pilot like Battlestar Galactica had. From Ronald D. Moore Interview with
2/21/07: Word on greenlighting a pilot won't come from SciFi until March. From David Eick Q & A with Ausiello @ TV Guide
1/2/07: SyFy Portal is reporting (with a rumor disclaimer) that Caprica is not sure to be picked up by the SciFi Channel and if it is, it won't air until 2008. From SyFyPortal
11/8/06: Caprica has not yet been picked up. The 1-hour pilot has not yet been greenlit by SciFi Channel, but the script is being reworked. Other scripts are also already done.
11/4/06: Though the dominant religion of then of the 12 colonies is polytheistic, Ron Moore says that there are monotheistic religions as well. "Some of the things that are happening in 'Caprica' would deal with the religious aspects, as well, and you'd start to see some of the beginnings of the monotheism that eventually is taken over by the Cylons." Ron Moore from an article from the Jewish Journal
11/1/06: Ronald Moore describes the series as a sci-fi soap opera, as opposed to the more action-adventure nature of Battlestar Galactica.
11/1/06: The series is set fifty years prior to Battlestar Galactica. It is centered on two families. One family owns the corporation that is responsible for the development of the Cylons. The second is Adama's father's family. Adama's father is a lawyer who grows to oppose the creation of the Cylons.

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