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Pilot Spoilers; Airdate: 1/22/2010; DVD Release: April 21, 2009
4/25/09: Script Draft can be seen here [There are additional storylines that might appear in the first season.]
4/21/09: Recap Now Available
4/21/09: Check back later today for a detailed recap of the uncut pilot.
4/21/09: Some major plot points in the script were omitted from the "final" cut. Amanda's emotional (and physical) involvement with Daniel's rival, Tomas Vergis. This explains why Amanda is largely missing from the middle section of the pilot and why she says she missed Daniel. A lot of Sister Clarice's development is also omitted. We do not see that Lacy not only tells Sister Clarice about the V-club and Zoe-A,but actually takes her there and to who is apparently still there even as Daniel has downloaded her (Zoe-R) to the Cylon. Lastly, since Sister Clarice never enters the V-club, there is no reveal that there's a copy of Ben (Ben-A) also hiding in the V-club. We have no idea as yet if these story points were held back to play out during the season, or were perhaps dropped altogther.
4/21/09: The Caprica Pilot DVD is now available.
4/19/09: Daniel uses Zoe's friend Lacy to find out about Zoe's avatar. Not only is the subplot of Amanda Greystone's affair with Tomas Vergis missing, but Vergis doesn't even appear in the pilot, though technology developed by his company remains a key plot point. Contrary to the previous spoiler that reported that Zoe's boyfriend Ben was acting under orders, the pilot seems to indicate that he acted alone or prematurely at the very least. An unsent email sent by Zoe to her mother is used by Agent Duram to implicate Zoe in the bombing. Joseph Adama's role as messenger between the Tauron mafia and the Minister of Defense likely will have conzequences.
4/14/09: The uncut pilot has leaked over a week before release. Apparently, the opening scenes set in the holoband (VR) club start off with the usual crowded dance floor, then move to an orgy with nudity, a brutal brawl being cheered on, a shooting and a human sacrifice (though the death blow is offscreen). [We're in a position similar to the Season three finale having access to the full breakdown. Then again, after waiting nine months, what's another week? Even so, look for more from us. Just don't look for a detailed recap from us until after the official release.]
4/10/09: Adama turns out to be not so clean himself as he has no qualms about bribing judges in order to get his morally-challenged clients acquitted. Also, apparently the subplot that Amanda Graystone and Tomas Vergis had an affair was not mentioned in the rough cut that was reviewed. From Televisionary [So was the Amanda/Tomas dropped altogether or just saved as a later revelation?]
4/10/09: Daniel Graystone has pioneered "holoband," which is a virtual reality technology. Holoband has been corrupted in virtual clubs where fantasies are extreme as group sex, brutal fighting and human sacrifice. Zoe, her friend Lacy and boyfriend Ben have partaken in the excesses and have become bored. They embrace monotheism. Meanwhile, Zoe succeeds in uploading an avatar that is a virtual copy of herself and "lives" in the club. Zoe, Lacy and Ben decide to run away and start a new life on Gemenon. Lacy backs out at the last second and Zoe, along with Joseph Adama's wife and daughter, is killed on the train along with Ben, who has set off a bomb on orders from someone unseen. Daniel and Joseph bond over the deaths and Daniel enlists Joseph's gangster connections to steal some technology from his rival Tomas Vergis in order for them to bring their daughters back to life. Adama turns out to be not so clean himself as he has no qualms about bribing judges in order to get his From Televisionary
4/5/09: The show "takes place on Caprica 58 years before the fall, so there isn't much of an opportunity for character crossover. And it's very different in some fundamental ways - not a space-based show. It's about families in conflict, domestic disorder, domestic terrorism, the rise of a new religion, organized crime, corporate sabotage, racism of a colony-vs.-colony sort, drugs, sex, murder and, of course, ROBOTS." From Jane Espenson [We knew most of this already, although we can't recall the show being pinned to exactly fifty-eight years before the start of BSG. Assuming that the Cylon attacks took place forty years after the end of the war and the war itself lasted thirteen as Razor (and its minisodes) seemed to establish, that would seem to put the start of Caprica at about five years before the start of the First Cylon War. Hopefully, this means that there is a "planned" four or five year arc for the series.]
4/5/09: According to Polly Walker, Sister Clarice Willow is "a gray character. I'm ambiguous. There's a twist at the end that I won't reveal, but I think my audience is always going to be asking about my character, 'Is she good or bad? Is she good or bad?" From E! Online [We assume that she's referring to her involvement in the monotheist cult in some way.]
4/5/09: According to Esai Morales, "[The nation-state planet of] Caprica represents the values that we as Americans represent, and my family comes from [the nation-state planet] Tauron, which is a more repressive establishment, like a mixture of Iran and Latin America or the Soviet Union... and my family gets victimized or caught up in the politics of monotheism and polytheism." From E! Online
4/3/09: Preview Clips can be seen here [Currently eight are available]
3/29/09: According to Esai Morales, Joseph Adama is "a [civil liberties] lawyer who's trying to work on the right side of the tracks, and my brother is a gangster." From SciFi Wire
3/29/09: An old-style Cylon Centurion complete with the old 'By Your Command' appears near the end of the pilot.
3/29/09: According to Edward James Olmos, Caprica "is going to be the most spiritually centered piece of work that they've seen." From Chicago Tribune [If that's the case, we hope that the religious beliefs are far more defined and consistent than what was seen in BSG.]
3/20/09: Though the pilot will air with Season 1 some time in early 2010, SciFi Channel has decided to release it to DVD on April 21, 2009. From SciFi Channel Press Release [So our previous guess that SciFi Channel would "throw [the pilot] out there" right after BSG finished was half right. They just chose to "throw it out there" on DVD rather than their network.]
11/30/08: Though there were plans to air Caprica in December, SciFi Channel has now chosen to hold the pilot until after BSG Season 4.5 with a hint that it might not air at all. From TV Guide [We're guessing that SciFi Channel will throw it out there not long after the finale to see if the afterglow of BSG carries over to Caprica.]
8/23/08: Ron Moore said that the Caprica pilot has an open ending and that "there's really no other place in the story [to stop], there's not an earlier place that we can [end it] and give you a satisfying resolution at all." From Chicago Tribune
8/23/08: Ron Moore said Caprica "is shot very different, and I think I was particularly attracted to the idea of doing a science fiction piece that was not built on a foundation of action adventure. It wasn't about Vipers and it wasn't about the Cylons attacking every other week. It was really a character piece. It was really a drama, and you can infuse with a lot of political commentary and a lot of religious overtones and really dig into a people and a society and how and why it all came unglued." From Chicago Tribune
8/23/08: Sister Clarice Willow is secretly teaching monotheism even as she is the headmistress of a religious school. From TV Guide
7/24/08: SciFi Channel has posted a trailer.
7/24/08: Selected Promo Pics:

Sister Clarice Willow (Polly Walker)

Amanda & Daniel Graystone (Paula Malcolmson & Eric Stoltz)

Joseph Adams & Daniel Graystone
[Based on the trailer, this is apparently from when Joseph Adama and Graystone meet for the first time.]

Thanks to drewcypher

7/22/08: SciFi Channel will evaluate the pilot and if the series is not picked up then the pilot will air in the fall. If the series is picked up, the pilot will be held to air with the series in 2009. From Chicago Tribune
7/16/08: Shooting on the pilot has been completed. From Chicago Tribune
7/16/08: Caprica will air some time this fall. From TV Guide
6/17/08: Jeff Reiner is directing the pilot, which has already begun filming. From MovieWeb
4/27/08: The TV Addict apparently has the entire pilot script and has previewed a few more bits. From
4/27/08: It appears that Joseph Adama has ties to the Caprican mob to the point that they paid for his education... with the expectation of his repaying that debt. From Ausiello [Guess that explains Adama going by Adams in the pilot.]
4/1/08: "The Graystones include father Daniel, a computer genius; mother Amanda, a brilliant surgeon and unfaithful wife; and their daughter, Zoe, who is martyred to her boyfriend's religious fanaticism-but not before she installs the rudimentary elements of her personality and DNA into a machine, creating a digital twin of herself, Zoe-A. After the human Zoe's death, Daniel uses these raw materials, some stolen technology and his own grief to cobble together "a robotic version of his dead daughter." This robot version, known as Zoe-R, is a Cylonic Eve, the first of her kind. (Dun-dun-dun!) And in this corner, ladies and gentlemen, meet Grandpapadama! As Adm. Bill Adama once told us, his father, Joseph, was a great attorney of his day, fighting for the civil rights of the Twelve Colonies' downtrodden and marginalized. But that's not his whole story: Joseph Adama's wife and daughter were also killed in that same suicide bombing that took Zoe Graystone's life. The two fathers, Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama, work together on replicating their children in cyborg form, but "Joseph is ethically appalled by the robot version of his dead [daughter], Tamara, and repents his actions." Those Adamas are all hardass conscience, aren't they? Still, the one happy result of the Adama family tragedy is that Joseph and his young son, the 9-year-old Bill, grow closer to each other, and Joseph begins to explain their family's story to his sad, somber child." From Kristin
3/22/08: Production will begin this spring on a two-hour backdoor pilot. Moore said he will be "very involved" with the pilot, but stressed that it's too soon to say whether he'd remain on board if SCI FI Channel gave the green light for a weekly Caprica show. From SciFi Wire
3/19/08: The pilot was written by Ron Moore and Remi Aubuchon and will be directed by Jeffrey Reiner. From Chicago Tribune
3/19/08: Caprica has officially been greenlit for a 2-hour backdoor pilot. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront
3/15/08: Ron Moore himself again mentioned that Caprica is still being discussed. From Ron Moore Interview with IGN
3/8/08: KoenigRules is reporting that the pilot has been greenlit and that production will ramp up in two weeks. From The Doctor and Mrs. Who

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