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Episode 103 Spoilers: Reins of a Waterfall; 2/5/2010
1/24/10: Peter Wingfield (Methos on Highlander: The Series) has been cast as Agent Duram's boss, Global Defense Department Director Gara Singh. From
1/23/10: This episode, the second hour long episode following the pilot, introduces the following characters: Agent Duram's partner Agent Youngblood, Global Defense Department Director Gara Singh, Joseph Adama's assistant Justine, a student and member of the terrorist group named Keon and Sam Adama's husband Larry. See below for more details from the casting sides. From Casting Sides [Yes, mob enforcer Sam is revealed to be gay in this sides.]
1/23/10: Joseph's brother Sam spends time with William and decides to teach him a little about betting and odds. Agent Duram and his partner Agent Youngblood are shown a tape of their interrogation of Ben Stark by their boss, Director Gara Singh. The tape shows that they had found wires. He made an excuse that they were for model rockets. Singh then ends the tape and is mad that not only did they let him go, but they didn't destroy the tape. Youngblood is flustered, but Duram points out that the interrogation was over a year ago. Singh points out that the tape coming out would be really bad press. Youngblood points out that leads on the terrorist group have "gone dry." After Singh leaves, Duram indicates that he's going to push the investigation to the boundaries of legality. Zoe-R is in Daniel's private lab at the estate. She's attempting to use the holoband, but is having trouble since it's trying to interface with the optic nerve, which she doesn't have. Serge points out that there are other ways to access the "sensory processing center." Zoe-A appears as an internal personification of Zoe-R. Adama has an assistant named Justine, whom we first glimpse outside the courthouse. When Daniel comes home, Serge reports an unually high number of mentions of his name in the media. Daniel then starts to view Baxter Sarno's monologue poking fun at the title of his autobiography. Sister Clarice meets with Arvo about some problem, which Clarice is sure she can handle. Outside the courthouse, Adama is angry. Justine tries to discourage him, but he interrupts a casual conversation that the judge is having with the prosecutor. Adama wants to get on with the hearing, but the judge brushes him off. Adama accuses him of being racist towards his Tuaron heritage. The judge counters that it's because he's a "mob mouthpiece" and gives "his bribes on a schedule." Adama counters that the judge takes bribes. Adama starts naming the bribes, deliberately making a scene in public. The judge is angry, but Adama has made his point even though the hearing won't continue just yet. As they walk off, Justine tells Adama "that was stupid." They discuss their client, whom Adama declares is guilty, but he'll take care of it later. Justine is surprised. She wants to know where he's going. Adama says that family is waiting. Joseph's daughter and William's sister Tamara is seen asking for a way out of the V-club. Outside school, Lacy literally tackles and then enlists the help of Keon, a fellow student and member of the terrorist cell with Ben, so she can keep her promise to Zoe to deliver something to Gemenon. Daniel tells his assistant Cyrus to book an appearance on Baxter Sarno's show for the next day. William Adama is having dinner with his uncle Sam and Sam's husband Larry. They are talking about religion when the subject of children is mentioned. William asks them why they didn't have kids - adopt an orphan. Sam answers that his life isn't so good for kids. Just then, Joseph arrives. From Casting Sides
1/20/10: Amanda's public admission about Zoe's role in the bombing ignites a media backlash against the Graystones and creates tension for Lacy at school. Elsewhere, Sam and Joseph confront Daniel while Zoe plots her next move.From TV Guide

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