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Episode 104 Spoilers: Gravedancing; 2/19/2010
1/23/10: The episode opens with the bombing of a holocafe and then moves to Agent Duram and Director Singh at the office three hours later. Since the cafe was empty, Singh guesses that it might have been copycats. Duram switches gears by telling Singh that he's managed to get a search warrant for the school on the grounds of the infinity pendant (symbol of the cult) belonging to Zoe that Amanda held up at the memorial service. Much later, Duram tells Singh that he believes the terrorist group has infiltrated the school and is trying to find the leader by finding out who warned the kids of his raid. Joseph's brother Sam pays a visit to Dr. Amanda Greystone, apparently with violent intentions in mind. He tells her that he lost family in the train bombing. Agent Duram and his partner Agent Youngblood are reading through school emails. Duram points out that Singh can leak the tape any time he wants to get rid of them. Youngblood indicates that the terrorist group is based on Gemenon and is using Caprica kids. Zoe-R is in Daniel's private lab at home where she's attempting to reprogram Serge to erase his memory of the presence of Zoe in robot form. Lacy and Keon bond over fixing a motorcycle and we learn that he nearly was busted by "agents" for having something in his locker, but received a mysterious tip before the raid. Lacy tips her hand that she knows that Sister Clarice is involved with the group. Keon says that she didn't warn him. He then agrees to set up a meeting with someone named Barnabus to help Lacy's efforts to get her promised delivery to Gemenon. Joseph Adama tries to text and then call Sam in an effort to stop him, but Sam has turned his phone off. Duram reports that they traced the warning message to a businessman, but they know his computer sheet had been stolen. Duram (correctly) suspects Sister Clarice. Duram wants to profile people which prompts Singh to point out privacy issues. Duram counters that the threat of terrorism lessens his concerns about respecting privacy. From Casting Sides

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