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Episode 108 Spoilers: Ghosts in the Machine; 3/19/2010
3/19/10: Daniel talks to U87 as if he's talking to Zoe. He challenges her and asks if it was easier to blow up a train full of innocent people rather than face her biggest fear: life itself. He says life is scary because you have to make split-second choices and sometimes you make the wrong ones. He stops to light a cigarette. He continues and says that he's made some wrong choices himself, but it's about moving on and hopefully having the chance to make "something that lasts" and has meaning. He then tells Zoe that he still loves her no matter what she did or is. He knows that she's not really there either, but the avatar is all that he has left and he pleads with her to talk to him. From Sneak Peek
3/19/10: As Joseph and Emmanuelle look at something off-screen, she says, "Looks like your daughter found a home." Joseph looks down. Tamara stands up in the bedroom she shared with Heracles. Wearing the holoband, Joseph reacts to something. Joseph tells Emmanuelle, "In here, you're either quick or you're dead." As Emmanuelle stands beside a door, Joseph bursts through it. A bunch of thugs raise their guns. Joseph is held and someone orders him taken away. Joseph lying down with the holoband on. Daniel sitting in a chair holding a gun. A thug derezzes in New Cap City. Zoe points a gun. The Cylon is outside. There are flames between U87 and Daniel. From Syfy promo
3/19/10: Selected Promo Pics:

U87 & Daniel
[Looks like Daniel has taken Philomon's advice and taken the Cylon outside the lab.
Of course, Daniel has done it because he's trying to draw Zoe out.]

Zoe & Daniel
[Of course, this is Daniel talking to U87 still.]

Joseph and another New Cap City denizen

3/18/10: Daniel plays a dangerous game trying to draw out Zoe/U-87. From
3/11/10: Daniel wages psychological warfare to flush out Zoe when he suspects her avatar is hiding in the Cylon. Joseph is guided to a nightclub in New Cap City that may lead him to Tamara. Vergis tries to drive a wedge between Amanda and Daniel. From TV Guide
2/28/10: Added episode title. From

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