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Episode 107 Spoilers: The Imperfections of Memory; 3/12/2010
3/11/10: Amanda has unsettling visions of her dead brother, and a dark secret from her past is revealed. Joseph recruits Heracles (Richard Harmon) to help him find his daughter in V-World's New Cap City. A romantic connection complicates Zoe's escape plans. From TV Guide [Now that Tomas Vergis has finally arrived on the scene, could that dark secret of Amanda's be her liaisons with Vergis that were revealed in the pilot script but cut from filming?]
3/11/10: Amanda fears for her sanity while Daniel and Joseph close in on their daughters. From
3/11/10: Selected Promo Pics:

Zoe & Philoman

Lacy & Keon

Sister Clarice & Amanda
[Amanda looks dazed. Perhaps, she's just had one of those 'Am I going crazy?' moments.]

Joseph using the holoband.
[Off in V-World looking for Tamara.]

Joseph Adama
[Joseph looks to be pleading with someone, perhaps for Heracles' help.]

2/28/10: Added episode title. From

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