Past Terrorist Attacks

1992 - Hotel bombing in Aden, Yemen where 100 U.S. servicemen were staying. No one was wounded. Osama Bin Laden claimed responsibility.

February 26, 1993 - A truck packed with bombs exploded in the underground parking garage below the north tower (1 Tower). It opened a 200-foot wide and 5-story deep hole. Six people were killed and over 1,000 injured.

November 13, 1995 - Bombing at Army training headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 5 Americans killed; 31 wounded;

June 25, 1996 - Khobar Towers apartments bombed at U.S. military barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; 19 Americans killed; 372 wounded;

August 7, 1998 - U.S. embassies bombed in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; 224 killed including 12 Americans;

August 28, 1998 - The FBI accuses Osama bin Laden of having declared 'jihad' or holy war against the United States.

November 4, 1998 - Osama bin Laden is charged with ordering embassy bombings.

October 12, 2000 - USS Cole bombed in Aden, Yemen; 17 Americans killed; 39 wounded;

January 15, 2001 - U.N. imposes new economic sanctions against Taliban for refusing to turn over bin Laden for trial.