President Vicente Fox Quesada
National Address on International Operation Against Afghanistan
Presidential Office
National Palace
Mexico City, Mexico
October 7, 2001

Good evening, Mexico.

Today a joint international operation began in Afghanistan, led by the United States and the United Kingdom, with the clear goal of locating, detaining, and bringing to justice the members of the terrorist organizations who on September 11 perpetrated the attacks with commercial airliners on the civilian population in the cities of New York and Washington, resulting in a terrible loss of human life, including an undetermined number of Mexicans, and incalculable material damage.

The Mexican Government has been assured by those leading the operation that it is not directed against the civil population or against any creed, ideology, or religion. It is focused on fighting the scourge of terrorism in all its forms.

Therefore the Mexican Government firmly supports these actions.

The international community, through worldwide organizations such as the United Nations Security Council, and regional bodies such as the Organization of American States, has expressed its deepest and most forceful rejection of terrorism.

As a member of these forums, concerned by the maintenance of international peace and security, Mexico joined the universal condemnation of this heinous crime.

Mexico reiterates its total backing for United Nations Security Council resolutions 1368 and 1373, to fight terrorism as a threat to international peace and security; to bring terrorists to justice, and to ensure these inhumane practices are never used again.

The resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Council oblige all member states to cooperate to identify and bring to justice those directly or indirectly responsible for these acts; to dismantle their operating bases, their means of finance, their clandestine networks, and to prevent new attacks.

Terrorism knows no boundaries, does not choose its victims, and respects no-one. Consequently, Mexico concludes that the terrorist attacks of September 11 were an attack on humanity and, therefore, were also an attack on the national interest, and the peace and aspirations for development of all Mexican men and women.

Our actions are focused on the exchange of intelligence, law-enforcement, prevention, protection of installations, safeguarding of borders, and tight immigration controls, among others.

The international community does not want a new war, and neither does Mexico.

The brutal attack of September 11 caused this conflict and makes the war on terrorism an essential part of national security.

The Mexican government reiterates its unflinching will to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, within the framework of the Constitution, the relevant conventions, and international law.

For my part, I should like to give a special message to all Mexicans.

As president of the Republic I will be in permanent contact with the Congress of the Union, with political parties, and civil society, to build and consolidate the broadest possible consensus among Mexicans.

The government of Mexico is doing everything in its power to guarantee the security and calm of all Mexican families.

Mexico is at peace and united. The bases of its economy are solid. As a member of the international community we cannot and must not shirk our responsibilities in the face of the savagery of terrorism.

The Government of Mexico is fully aware of its duty to defend, above all else, the security, peace, and progress of the people of Mexico.

Good evening.