Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
Government of Japan's Response to the Attacks
September 19, 2001

1. Basic Policy

(1) Japan will actively engage itself in the combat against terrorism, which it regards as Japan's own security issue.

(2) Japan strongly supports the United States, its ally, and will act in concert with the United States and other countries around the world.

(3) Japan will take concrete and effective measures which will clearly demonstrate its firm determination. These measures will be implemented in a swift and comprehensive manner.

2. Immediate Measures

(1) The Government of Japan (GOJ) will promptly take measures necessary for dispatching the Self-Defence Force (SDF) for providing support, including medical services, transportation and supply, to the US forces and others taking measures related to the terrorist attacks, which have been recognized as a threat to international peace and security in the United Nations Security Council resolution 1368.

(2) GOJ will promptly take measures necessary for further strengthening protection of facilities and areas of the US forces and important facilities and areas of the US forces and important facilities in Japan.

(3) GOJ will swiftly dispatch SDF vessels to gather information.

(4) GOJ will strengthen international co-operation, including information sharing, in areas such as immigration control

(5) GOJ will extend humanitarian, economic and other necessary assistance to surrounding and affected countries. As a part of this assistance, GOJ will extend emergency economic assistance to Pakistan and India, which are co-operating with the United States in this emergency situation.

(6) GOJ will provide assistance to the displaced persons as necessary. This will include the possibility of humanitarian assistance by SDF.

(7) GOJ, in co-operation with other countries, will take appropriate measures in response to the changing situation to avoid confusion in the international and domestic economic systems.