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Fringe Season 1 Episode Summaries

Episode 1 - "Pilot"; Written by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci; Directed by Alex Graves; 9/9/08
No living passengers. No living crew. A plane full of skeletal remains sparks an interagency investigation.

Episode 2 - "The Same Old Story";
Written by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci; Directed by Paul Edwards; 9/16/08
A baby is born - and dies of old age half an hour later. The bizarre event may be related to one of Olivia and John's unsolved cases.

Episode 3 - "The Ghost Network"; Written by David H. Goodman & J.R. Orci; Directed by Frederick Taye; 9/23/08
A troubled man foresees a bus crash that leaves its victims "like mosquitoes trapped in amber."

Episode 4 - "The Arrival"; Written by J.J. Abrams & Jeff Pinkner; Directed by Paul Edwards; 9/30/08
an explosion destorys everything at a New York City construction site - everything except a mysterious cylinder made of solid iridium.

Episode 5 - "Power Hungry"; Written by Jason Cahill & Julia Cha; Directed by Christopher Misiano; 10/14/08
A delivery guy is his own power grid. Olivia suffers an emotional shock. Walter takes on some birdbrained assistants.

Episode 6 - "The Cure"; Written by Felicia D. Henderson & Brad Caleb Kane; Directed by Bill Eagles; 10/21/08
Not on the menu. Diner patrons get a surprise when they interact with a disoriented woman, their brains boil inside their skulls.

Episode 7 - "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones"; Writers: J.J. Abrams & Jeff Pinkner; Director: Brad Anderson; 11/11/08
Olivia flies to Frankfurt to confront a scientist who may be the creator of a giant, genetically altered parasite.

Episode 8 - "The Equation"; Writers: J.R. Orci & David H. Goodman; Directed by Gwyneth Harder-Payton; 11/18/08
To find clues to the whereabouts of an abducted boy, Walter returns to St. Claire's... and may never get out again.

Episode 9 - "The Dreamscape"; Written by Julia Cha & Zack Whedon; Directed by Frederick E.O. Taye; 11/25/08
Olivia with John, Peter with a woman from his past and a Massive Dynamics analyst with killer butterflies.

Episode 10 - "Safe"; Written by David H. Goodman & Jason Cahill; Directed by Michael Zinberg; 12/2/08
Three men rob a bank vault. Two escape. The third is left behind embedded in the seemingly impenetrable vault wall.

Episode 11 - "Bound";
Written by J.J. Abrams, Jeff Pinkner, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci; Directed by Frederick E.O. Taye; 1/20/09
Olivia flees her captors only to confront more trouble: an old foe - and parasitic slugs that kill their human hosts.

Episode 12 - "The No-Brainer"; Written by David H. Goodman & Brad Caleb Kane; Director: John Polson; 1/27/09
The team discovers a computer pop-up that liquifies human brains. Then Olivia's niece turns on her computer.

Episode 13 - "The Tranformation"; Written by J.R. Orci & Zack Whedon; Directed by Brad Anderson; 2/3/09
Victims of an airplane crash include a bizarre, spike-covered creature with a glass disc implanted in its hand.

Episode 14 - "Ability"; Teleplay by David H. Goodman; Story by Glen Whitman & Robert Chiapetta; Directed by Norberto Barba; 2/10/09
No eyes. No mouth. No nose. Soon after Jones mysteriously escapes his prison cell, a normal man turns into a faceless corpse.

Episode 15 - "Inner Child"; Written by Brad Caleb Kane & Julia Cha; Directed by Frederick E.O. Taye; 4/7/09
In a tunnel that's been sealed for 70 years, workers discover a feral boy who has a strange, intuitive connection to a serial killer.

Episode 16 - "Unleashed"; Written by Zack Whedon & J.R. Orci; Directed by Brad Anderson; 4/14/09
In a research lab, animal rights activists free chimps, dogs... and a viscious, bio-engineered freak-beast that attacks Charlie.

Episode 17 - "Bad Dreams"; Written & Directed by Akiva Goldsman; 4/21/09
Is Olivia part of The Pattern? Her terrifying dreams about suicide and murder mirror simultaneous, real-life tragedies.

Episode 18 - "Midnight"; Written by J.H. Wyman & Andrew Kreisberg; Directed by Bobby Roth; 4/28/09
On the hunt for a killer with a taste for spinal fluid, the team discovers that the shocking deaths may be tied to ZFT terrorists.

Episode 19 - "The Road Not Taken";
Teleplay by Jeff Pinkner & J.R. Orci; Story by Akiva Goldsman; Directed by Frederick E.O. Taye; 5/5/09
What appears to be spontaneous human combustion is investigated. Olivia learns more about the mysterious Cortexiphan drug trials

Episode 20 - "There's More Than One of Everything";
Teleplay: Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman; Story by Akiva Goldsman & Bryan Burk; Directed by Brad Anderson; 5/12/09
Walter's gone missing! Meanwhile, Olivia tracks down the man who shot Nina Sharp and holds the key to finding the enigmatic William Bell.

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