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Seabiscuit Cast List
Actor Name Character Name
Jeff Bridges
Chris Cooper
Tobey Maguire
David McCullough
Paul Vincent O'Connor
Michael Ensign
James Keane
Valerie Mahaffey
David Doty
Kingston DuCoeur
Michael O'Neill
Annie Corley
Michael Angarano
Ed Lauter
Gianni Russo
Sam Bottoms
Royce D. Applegate
William Hollick
Joe Rocco Jr.
Dyllan Christopher
Anthony Klingman
Elizabeth Banks
Gary Stevens
Danny Strong
William H. Macy
Eddie Jones
Chris McCarron
Charles Howard
Tom Smith
Red Pollard
Bicycle Supervisor
Steamer Owner
Car Customer
Annie Howard
Land Broker
Mr. Pollard
Mrs. Pollard
Young Red Pollard
Charles Strub
Alberto Gianini
Mr. Blodget
Dutch Doogan
Bug Boy Jockey
Bug Boy Jockey
Frankie Howard
Boxing Match Referee
Marcela Howard
George Woolf
Young Jockey
Tick Tock McGlaughlin
Samuel Riddle
Charley Kurtsinger
Seabiscuit IMDB Listing

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