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Merry Brandybuck
Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck

Portrayed by: Dominic Monaghan

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Merry In The Fellowship of the Ring:
Merry and his cohort Pippin constantly get into mischief. At Bilbo's birthday party, the two of them get into Gandalf's fireworks, accidentally setting them all off at once. Gandalf puts them to washing dishes as a result. As Frodo and Sam are making their way across The Shire, they literally run into Merry and Pippin who have filched some of Farmer Maggot's vegatables and have his dogs after them. After a close encounter with the Black Riders, Merry leads them to Buckleberry Ferry.

At Weathertop, it is a cooking fire started by he, Pippin and Sam that draws the Nazgûl. The result is that Frodo is wounded with a poisoned blade. At Rivendell, he and Pippin insist on joining Frodo on his quest to bring the One Ring to Mt. Doom in Mordor. Outside the Hollin Gate, which is an entrance to Moria, he and Pippin throw rocks into the pool, which draws the Watcher in the Water to the surface, leaving the Fellowship no choice but to go through Moria. During the fight with the Uruk-hai at Amon Hen, he and Pippin try to motion Frodo over to their hiding place. When he doesn't come, Merry realizes that Frodo means to leave them, so they create a diversion to help him escape. He and Pippin are then captured after Boromir is mortally wounded by Lurtz, while trying to protect them.

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