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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: He's Our You
Episode Number: 510
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
Original US Air Date: 3/25/09 on ABC

Flashback #1:
An Iraqi father pulls his son outside. He tells him that because he's now a man, he must kill a chicken. His younger brother walks over with some bird seed, goes into the cage and lures the bird over. His younger brother grabs one of the birds, snaps its neck and gives it to his older brother. His older brother takes the bird and just then, the father notices and tells him good job. The older boy says that he didn't do it. The father says that at least one of them will be a man. He then walks over and calls the younger boy Sayid as he tells him, "Good job."

Sayid looks at the surveillance camera.

Young Ben greets Phil and tells him that he has another sandwich. Phil says that Sayid hasn't been eating, but Ben says that Horace sent him.

Young Ben gives Sayid the sandwich and a book. He then wants to know if Richard sent Sayid. Sayid looks at the camera and Ben says that they can see, but not hear. He says that four years ago, he ran away and met Richard. Richard had told him to be patient, so now it's been four years and he's tired of waiting. He says that he can help Sayid.

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