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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: He's Our You
Episode Number: 510
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
Original US Air Date: 3/25/09 on ABC

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
At the marina Ben tells Jack, Sayid, Kate and Sun that there's someone in Los Angeles that can get them back to the Island. Sayid leaves with a threat that if he sees Ben again, it will have dire consequences.

Flashback #5:
Sayid orders a drink at the bar. Ilana turns out to be sitting next to him. She wonders how anyone can pay $120 for a glass of anything, let along scotch. Sayid wonders if she's a prostitute. She doesn't really answer and instead asks him more questions after ordering a prime rib (and make it "bloody) . He reveals that he's looking for work, in between jobs and is trying to change. She realizes why he feels the way he does because he's walking away from something he's really good at.

Horace, Oldham, Radzinsky and Sawyer question Sayid. Sayid tells them his name. He says that he's not a hostile. He says came on Flight Arija 316 and that he had been on the Island before for 100 days after crashing on Oceanic 815. He tells them about the Flame and the Swan stations, which floors Radzinsky. He then adds that they will die and he knows this because he's from the future. Oldham then wonders if he should have used half the dose. Sayid laughs and says that he used the right dose.

Juliet tries to give Kate directions on what to do as they work at the motor pool. She realizes that Kate isn't following . Kate says that Hurley told her about Juliet and Sawyer. Juliet says that she wasn't sure how she was going to tell her without it sound like she should stay away.

Just then Sawyer and the others drive up and Sawyer sees them before he follows the others inside.

In Horace's cabin, several of the men meet. They are talking about what to do about Sayid. Radzinsky still wants to kill him for violating the truce. Sawyer wants more time to talk to Sayid and points out that Sayid had problems with his people. Radzinsky counters that intel on what the Dharma Initiative is doing would help Sayid with his problems with the hostiles. Horace wants more time to think about it, but Radzinsky wants him deal with it now or he'll take it to the next level. Just then, Amy makes a impassioned plea about being worried for her new child's safety all the time and wanting a secure future for their children. Horace calls for a vote and everyone (including Amy) raises their hands to vote for Radzinsky's solution except Sawyer. Horace looks at Sawyer and says that he'd like it to be unanimous and Sawyer reluctantly raises his hand as well.

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