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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: He's Our You
Episode Number: 510
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
Original US Air Date: 3/25/09 on ABC

Act 2:
Flashback #3:
Sayid builds a house in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Sayid finds that Ben has paid him a visit. Ben tells him that Locke is dead and thinks that he was murdered perhaps because of what he and Sayid had done. He tells Sayid that those same men are watching Hurley. He points out that if he found Sayid, then they could find Sayid as well. Sayid wonders why he'd go after those men. Ben says that killing is in his nature. Sayid says that he doesn't like it. Ben then apologizes and says that he must have been mistaken.

Sawyer enters the cell and asks Sayid one last time if he'll go along. Sayid doesn't answer and so Sawyer tasers him.

The now prone Sayid is hauled out of his cell.

Sayid is loaded into a Dharma van.

Sawyer drives down a road and then stops.

Sawyer and Radzinsky haul Sayid out and drag him over to a teepee with a phonograph playing.

Oldham steps out. Sayid asks Sawyer who he is and Sawyer answers, "He's our you." He moves to give Sayid something, but Sayid turns away. Oldham orders Sayid restrained and Sayid is placed between two trees. Oldham has him mouth opened and then gives Sayid something. He tells Sayid not to fight it because no matter what, he'll end up telling the truth.

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