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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 39,516
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, President Roslin, Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, Athena, Baltar
Recurring Characters That Appear: Colonel Tigh, Samuel Anders, Ellen Tigh, Tory, Tyrol, Helo, Caprica Six, Boomer, Cottle, Hera, Hot Dog, Ishay, Cavil, Simon, Doral, Hoshi, Racetrack, Skulls, Paulla, Romo Lampkin, Inner Six, Inner Baltar
Guest Characters: Zak Adama
Cylons That Appear: Tigh, Tory, Samuel Anders, Ellen, Athena, Boomer, Caprica Six, Inner Six, Inner Baltar, Cavil, Doral, Simon

Previously (Recap):
(Caption: Caprica; Before the Fall)
Kara and Lee meet at the door to her apartment.

Kara, Lee and Zak are downstairs where she calls Lee a girlfriend stealer. Lee says he never stole his girlfriend, but Zak throws in that Lee is a really bad liar.

Roslin is told of deaths of her father and sisters.

Caprica Six meets Baltar's father, who wonders how much she chargers. Baltar immediately tells him to shut up.

Caprica Six tells Baltar that she's found a place for Baltar's father to live and that the last time she saw him, he seemed happy.

(Caption: Galactica; Present Day)
Roslin is in her bed in sickbay.

Athena, Roslin and Caprica Six have the vision of the Opera House and Hera.

In her bed in sick bay, Roslin tells Adama that she's been having "that dream" again.

Kara finds her body, pulls the dog tags off, turns to Leoben and wonders what she is.

Baltar reveals that the dog tags he's holding come from a dead body and that the blood sample from the dog tags are a one hundred match for Kara Thrace.

As they stand by Anders' tub, Adama asks Kara if she thinks there's "some kind of meaning" in the notes to the song. She says that she's just trying to find patterns.

The Colony.

Cavil says that Hera is a "half-human, half-machine object of curiosity that hold the key to our continued existence somewhere in her genetic code, so let's get a tube in her and get her ready."

Adama, Starbuck, Tigh, Ellen, Tory, Tyrol and Lee talk about the recon mission's findings about the Colony's location. It's stated that the Colony is "bound" within the gravity of a black hole. Kara points out that there is only "one parking spot" which Adama notes is at point blank range. Lee says that they've done exactly what he would have done, "have only one way in or out and make it impossible to get past the gates." Adama tells them to get back to work.

Adama starts to draw the red tape across the hangar deck.

Adama tells those present that he's going to ask for volunteers for a rescue mission.

Adama addressed the entire crew. He says that there's a line running down the middle of the deck. He wants volunteers to move to the starboard, while everyone else needs to move to the port.

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