Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit
Statement Supporting Actions Against Afghanistan
October 7, 2001

An air operation targeting airports in Afghanistan's major cities, Taleban's military centers and the Al Qa'eda Organisation has started at 19:15 hours this evening in the context of Operation Enduring Freedom. It is pleasing to observe that President Bush in his statement, today, emphasized that the operation has targeted only terrorists, that care has been taken for not hurting innocent people and that measures have been taken for providing humanitarian assistance to the Afghani people.

Vice President Dick Cheney has called President Sezer prior to the commencement of the Operation and notification has been provided through diplomatic and military channels, as well.

As it has been publicly expressed on several occasions following the heinous terrorist attacks against the USA on 11 September 2001, Turkey as a responsible and friendly ally, will support the US in its struggle against terrorism.

Turkey, as a country which has been advocating the necessity of an international campaign in the struggle against terrorism for a long time, supports the efforts to strenghten the international law regarding this issue and the establishment of an organisation for international cooperation in this context.

The operation is being conducted in line with the UNSC resolutions 1368 and 1373 and within the framework of Article V of the NATO Treaty, with the support of some NATO member countries as well as some other countries outside NATO.

Every precaution, both domestic and foreign, has been taken concerning the Operation.