Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
Ankara, Turkey
September 11, 2001

Today, the friendly and allied United States of America has been the victim of a dastardly attack of international terrorism. We condemn in the strongest manner these horrific attacks whose perpetrators are not yet known. We share the indescribable pain of the brotherly American people and offer our most heartfelt condolences.

The Turkish people have been deeply affected by terrorism in recent history, and our scars from the scourge of terrorism are still fresh. Therefore, Turkey understands and genuinely shares the American people’s deep pain. No cause or purpose can excuse such inhuman attacks.

These murderous attacks have once again demonstrated the need for combating terrorism much more effectively at the international level and the need to intensify regional and global cooperation to that end.

As a country who has been making intense efforts to render combat against terrorism more effective and to reinforce cooperation in that respect, Turkey strongly pleads the international community to take urgent steps in this combat which has become a duty of civilization.

Turkey hopes the culprits of the today’s attacks that targeted innocent people and evoked feelings of hatred throughout humanity to be brought before justice as soon as possible. Turkey expresses its readiness for cooperation to that end and, reaffirming that it will provide all the support and assistance for healing the wounds from this tragedy, wishes patience and strength to the friendly and brotherly American people.”