Minister of External Affairs and Defence Jaswant Singh
New Delhi, India
September 11, 2001

News from the US, of the events of the last couple of hours are shocking beyond words.

As details are yet coming in I do not wish to speculate about casualty figures. The present is the moment for all mankind to condemn, in unequivocal terms, this dastardly crime, for the victims are all innocents, and this crime of 'terrorism' is against all humanity.

India offers to the United States its deepest sympathy. We stand with the United States, and the rest of the international community in our commitment to defeat terrorism.

I have personally been in touch with our Mission in Washington, Permanent Mission in New York and also Consulate General in New York. All the members of our Mission are safe and no injuries have been caused either to any person or to any of ours Mission's establishment. I have also been in touch with New York to establish any additional detail that I could about the strikes against the twin towers. As you know the World Trade Center is where most of the investment banks and such offices are. Unless I have more details about the casualties from the World Trade Center, I do not wish to speculate in this regard. The Prime Minister has convened a special meeting of the Cabinet Committee of Security which is to start in about half an hour's time at Race Course Road and I will be going to that and after the conclusion of that meeting, I will meet the press again there.

Statement following meeting of Cabinet Committee on Security

The Prime Minister called a Special Meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security at which the three Chiefs of Staff and Heads of Agencies were also present, this evening. He reviewed the security situation, and the tragic events in the United States. The meeting reviewed the additional steps required to be taken and the Prime Minister gave necessary directions to the Ministries concerned. The Cabinet Committee on Security has expressed its great horror at this crime that has been perpetrated and offered its deepest condolences and sympathy to the people, government and President of the United States. We have already initiated action for providing all necessary additional security and safeguards required for the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in India. Terrorism is a crime against humanity and India is committed to fight it and we shall continue to do so.