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      "They said you were dogged in pursuing your goals and wants." Samuel commented.

      "Who? The Masters?"


      "So what else do they say about me? And how do they know so much about me?"

      "Their profile said that you have little patience or tolerance for a situation that is out of your control; that you're emotionally stunted and distant, which is why you and Holly, I believe that was her name, drifted apart after you had doggedly pursued her for over a year. You are quiet and very intelligent, but have an arrogance and cockiness that has become more and more evident in the last couple of years. They believe it can be traced to your assumption that you were ready to move beyond the boundaries of the Institution. I may agree with him to a degree."

      Erick was silent for several minutes as he digested what Samuel had told him. He was at first surprised that such a profile had been made, but he realized that he had been at the Institution day and night for six years. He at first denied himself some of the characteristics attributed to him, but as he thought about his attitudes, he realized that they were quite true. Between that revelation and the aloofness he had felt in the city, he was becoming more and more unsure of his preparedness for the rest of his life. These unpleasant thoughts were severely impairing Erick in his attempt to enjoy the African landscape.

      "Who are you? Don't just tell me your name again." Erick asked Samuel in an effort to distract his mind. "I am Samuel," was all he said for a moment, but when he saw that this would not satisfy Erick, he continued. "I am a Master of history and philosophy. Philosophy was my chosen pursuit after my time in the Institution but in order to be allowed to continue my pursuits, I must serve as a Master."

      "But I've never seen you at the Institution and you are obviously not used to wearing the attire of a Master very often." Erick pointed out.

Absolut Paradigm

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