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      "They long ago released me from my instructing duties. Serving as guide for a student's Vacation has become my sole duty. I enjoy it, because it allows me to continue to travel and speak to all manners of people. Even though the world long ago became a global society with a unified culture, there are still pockets of regional traditions and ideals that I search out. I am also looking for the person, or persons that will bring the next great change to the world."

      "But I was taught that after the Global Revolt against Technology, Societies were established for people to choose from. You talk as though that never happened."

      "Because the Societies in their intended form lasted no more than two or three generaltions. Those that remain today are artificial. They were established so as to secure as much freedom of choice for an individual as possible. Children are moved to education centers, so that the influences of parents are minimized greatly or eliminated. The price for such freedom of choice was the near extinction of generational principles and tradition.

      "There has never been real tradition in the Societies. Those who join Societies today do so pursuing romantic dreams fueled by vids and VR programs without understanding the principles on which Societies were started. Societies are little more than costume fantasies. Global culture never faded away, everyone just pretends that it did."

      "You don't seem very optimistic about the world today."

      "I didn't say that. But let me ask you this: What did you think of the people you saw in Nairobi?"

      "I would guess that those wearing the VR gear were escaping from the reality of their lives, since that was usually why I entered VR, and those that weren't in gear looked somber and unhappy. I can't make a judgement about the state of the entire world's population on the basis of one city."

      "You are correct and you demonstrate your arrogance and intelligence. I will tell that you shouldn't expect anything different in the next city, wherever that may be."

Absolut Paradigm

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