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      Shortly after they had entered a segment of the corridors that was a market area, Erick followed Samuel up to a vendor that was almost completely hidden behind vidscreens. Erick watched as Samuel spoke to the vendor, handed him his identicard to be scanned, and authorized payment in exchange for the activation code for an aircar. Samuel received his identicard back with a smile and a slight bow, and then he turned and headed for a door off to the left of the aircar vendor's booth. They walked in and found themselves in an elevator.

      Erick had hardly noticed any movement when the door reopened to reveal an underground garage of obviously well used aircars. Samuel consulted his identicard and then pointed to an aircar near the corner. Once again using his identicard, Samuel unlocked the doors and then accessed the dash console. As Erick settled into the passenger seat, Samuel programmed in the destination.

      As the aircar began to move, Erick contemplated everything he had seen. He had thought that he was prepared for life beyond the Institution, but even after his research on Africa and Kenya, very little of what he had seen in Nairobi was what he expected. He had long tired of the Institution, but he now wondered if he would be able to survive in the world. He was almost desperately thinking of anywhere else he may visit that would be more familiar as the aircar cleared the gray, mostly windowless buildings of the city of Nairobi and entered the open air of the Kenyan highlands.

      "Now, this I know about." Erick said quietly to himself in relief.

      "What was that?" Samuel asked.


      "If I may ask, why did you choose Kenya?"

      "I used to dream of running across the plain, just like the famous Olympic runners used to do, and be joined by various animals. It was a child's dream, but the physical challenge of the altitude and the exotic setting remained with me, so that I've continued to train in the facilities of the Coliseum."

Absolut Paradigm

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