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Gatekeeper of Bree
Gatekeeper of Bree

Portrayed by: Martyn Sanderson

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring

Gatekeeper of Bree In The Fellowship of the Ring:
Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin walk up to the gates of Bree late in the evening on a rainy night. They knock on the gate and the Gatekeeper of Bree first looks out the Man-size door, then the Hobbit-size door. He inquires about the Hobbits' business, to which Frodo curtly replies that they are looking to stay at the Prancing Pony. He then permits them to enter the town.

Later that night, the Gatekeeper of Bree is run over when the Nazgûl ride down the gate in their efforts to capture Frodo and retrieve the Ring.

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