The Patriot Resource - The Lord of the Rings

Barliman Butterbur

Portrayed by: Thomas Robins

Appears in:
The Return of the King

In The Return of the King:
The film's prologue shows the One Ring's corruption of Sméagol. This begins with Sméagol fishing with his cousin Deagol on the River Gladden. While trying reel in a fish, Deagol falls into the river. While swimming, something catches his on the riverbed. He finds it to be the One Ring. The Ring had been at the bottom of the river since it had slipped off of Isildur's finger while he was trying to escape an ambush at Gladden Fields. After Sméagol sees the Ring that Deagol found, Sméagol attacks him, kills him and takes the Ring for his own.

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