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Portrayed by: David Wenham

Appears in:
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Faramir In The Return of the King:
Faramir is overseeing the defense of Osgiliath as it comes under attack by the huge force of Orcs out of Minas Morgul. As they are overwhelmed, Faramir orders the garrison to fall back to Minas Tirith. As they are harassed by the Winged Beasts of the Nazgûl on the Pelennor Fields between the two cities, Gandalf rides out and drives the Winged Beasts off. When they reach the safety of the walls of Minas Tirith, Faramir glimpses Pippin, which leads to Gandalf learning where Frodo and Sam are heading and that they have Gollum with them.

Faramir reports the fall of Osgiliath to his father, Denethor, who retorts that his brother Boromir would not have let the city fall. Faramir asks his father if he had rather that Boromir lived and he had died. When his father answers in the affirmative, Faramir agrees to lead a counterattack on Osgiliath. As Faramir rides down through Minas Tirith with his force, Gandalf tries to convince him to not undertake the hopeless attack.

Faramir continues on and his force is wiped out before they even reach Osgiliath's walls. Faramir is dragged back to Minas Tirith by his horse. Denethor despairs over his injuries and orders his men to abandon their posts, an order which Gandalf countermands. Denethor then takes Faramir to the Tombs of the Stewards with the intention of burning alive with his son. Pippin is unable to stop Denethor, but finds Gandalf and then rescue Faramir just in time. Faramir is next glimpsed standing beside Eowyn at Aragorn's coronation.

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