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Balrog (Flame of Udûn)

Balrog (Durin's Bane) In The Fellowship of the Ring:
The Balrog is an ancient servant of Morgoth. It is an even older evil than Sauron. It had dwelt in the depths of Moria for untold years. The Dwarves disturbed it when the delved too deeply for mithril. The Balrog wiped out the dwarven colony of Dwarrowdelf and was known as Durin's Bane. It is also known as Flame of Udûn. It's true identity was suspected by some such as Gandalf and Saruman, but not confirmed.

As the Fellowship made its way south from Rivendell, Gandalf wished to avoid Moria because of the evil there. However, Saruman prevented them from crossing the Pass of Caradhras and Frodo chose the way through Moria. The Fellowship managed to make it four days through Moria without being discovered, but then Pippin disturbed a skeleton, which fell into a well with a clatter.

The evils of Moria were now warned of transpassers. The Fellowship drove off the Orcs, but something even more terrible frightened the Orcs. When the Balrog began to approach, Gandalf's greatest fear of some ancient evil was realized and he was disheartened. He stood alone and faced the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. The Balrog fell as the bridge gave way, but dragged Gandalf down with its whip.

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