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Frank Sinatra Collections
The Frank Sinatra Collections


Ocean's 11
Danny Ocean with his 10 partners in crime devise a scheme to knock out power to the Vegas strip and electronically rig five big casino vaults to raid them all in the same instant. This original version of Ocean's 11 is an entertaining best bet.
Special Features:
•  Commentary by Frank Sinatra Jr. and Angie Dickinson
•  Interactive Las Vegas Then and Now Map Casino Vignettes
•  The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson excerpt featuring guest host Frank Sinatra and guest Angie Dickinson
•  Cast/filmmaker profiles
•  Theatrical trailers

4 For Texas
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin play wily business rivals in this Wild West lark of gambling and romance. The film features appearances by Anita Ekberg, Ursula Andress, The Three Stooges, Victor Buono and Charles Bronson.

Special Features:
•  Vintage making-of featurette
•  Cast/filmmaker profiles
•  Theatrical trailer

Robin and the Seven Hoods
What's yours is mine. This mirthful adaptation gives the Robin Hood legend a Depression-era, mob town Chicago setting. And the jazzy Sammy Cahn/James Van Heusen score is the perfect match for this all-star cast.
Special Features:
•  Commentary by Frank Sinatra Jr.
•  Vintage featurette What They Did to Robin Hood
•  Cast/filmmaker profiles
•  Theatrical trailers

Sergeant's 3
Produced by Frank Sinatra, this second Rat Pack movie has Sinatra and gang (including Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr.) playing the wildest characters in the west, sure to be an entertaining ride.

Special Features:
•  Audio commentary by Frank Sinatra Jr.

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Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly
Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly
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Frank Sinatra - The Early Years
Frank Sinatra: Early Years
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Frank Sinatra - The Golden Years
Frank Sinatra: Golden Years
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Frank Sinatra - The Rat Pack
Frank Sinatra: The Rat Pack
Ultimate Collection DVD