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Becoming Jane
Becoming Jane

From Walt Disney Home Entertainment:
When 20-year-old Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) meets up with the roguish Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy), sparks begin to fly. Initially repelled by his arrogance, the emerging writer slowly realizes that she has finally found a man who appreciates her intellect as well as her beauty. As her parents (Julie Walters and James Cromwell) arrange a wealthy, aristocratic husband for her, Jane begins a clandestine romance with Lefroy. The young man proposes marriage, but his wealthy guardian, who holds his purse strings, disapproves of Jane's outspoken manner and ambition to be a writer, and threatens to cut Tom off. In a world where marriage determines a woman's fate, will they risk everything, including family and friends, for the sake of romance?

Becoming Jane Cast List
Anne Hathaway
James McAvoy
Julie Walters
James Cromwell
Maggie Smith
Joe Anderson
Lucy Cohu
Laurence Fox
Ian Richardson
Anna Maxwell Martin
Leo Bill
Jessica Ashworth
Eleanor Methven
Michael James Ford
... Jane Austen
... Tom Lefroy
... Mrs. Austen
... Rev. Austen
... Lady Gresham
... Henry Austen
... Eliza De Feuillide
... Mr. Wisley
... Judge Langlois
... Cassandra 'Cassie' Austen
... John Warren
... Lucy Lefroy
... Mrs. Lefroy
... Mr. Lefroy
Becoming Jane IMDB Listing

Becoming Jane, starring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen, is a great movie. Hathaway is outstanding as the famous author. This film gives us a brief glimpse into the theoretical life of Jane Austen. Up until this point in her life, she has been less directly affected by the cold reality for many women of the day: marry money to live comfortably. When her brother Henry comes home to visit, he brings his friend Tom Lefroy - a young lawyer who is forced by his rich uncle to visit his country relatives as punishment for his troublesome pursuits in London.

Immediately the initial clash turns to chemistry. Conflicts arise as Tom cannot afford to marry without his uncle's consent and Jane is being pressured to marry wealthy Mr. Wisley. When they decide to elope to Scotland their plans are foiled at the last minute when Jane's intelligence betrays her own heart. She begins to think how they would live in poverty and regret, and why she just can't allow Tom to ruin his family's life so she walks out of the train station and into a life of spinsterhood. Years later, Tom brings his daughter, also named Jane, to meet Austen where the author reads from her own book, and finishes when she covers her empty left hand.

Becoming Jane DVD Extras:
- "Discovering the Real Jane Austen": Featurette about the life of Jane Austen
- Deleted Scenes
- Feature Length Audio Commentary: Director Julian Jarrold, Writer Kevin Hood and Producer Robert Bernstein
- Pop-Up Facts & Footnotes
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Becoming Jane