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Frank Sinatra Collections
The Frank Sinatra Collections


Double Dynamite
Frank Sinatra is underpaid bank teller Johnny Dalton, who comes across big money - and big trouble - in this frothy comedy.

Special Features:
•  Theatrical Trailer

It Happened in Brooklyn
Times aren't easy for returning GIs in the years after World War II. But falling in love, that's easy.
Special Features:
•  Theatrical Trailer

Step Lively
As a playwright whose real talent is his singing voice, Frank Sinatra steps into his first top billing in this antic backstage musical based on the Broadway/Marx Brothers movie hit Room Service.

Special Features:
•  Theatrical Trailer

Higher and Higher
Making his acting debut in this merry musical comedy about a get-rich scheme with comic complications, Sinatra plays the boy next door who definitely knows his way around a song.
Special Features:
•  Theatrical Trailer

The Kissing Bandit
Timid Ricardo haplessly continues his father's bandito tradition, and so The Kissing Bandit rides again - if he can somehow manage to stay on horseback.

Special Features:
•  Theatrical Trailer

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Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly
Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly
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Frank Sinatra - The Early Years
Frank Sinatra: Early Years
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Frank Sinatra - The Golden Years
Frank Sinatra: Golden Years
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Frank Sinatra - The Rat Pack
Frank Sinatra: The Rat Pack
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