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Frank Sinatra Collections
The Frank Sinatra Collections


None but the Brave
There are two sides to every war. Making his directorial debut, Frank Sinatra also stars in this suspenseful World War II saga about mistaken identity, unexpected heroism and the unsteady peace that ensues.
Special Features :
•  Theatrical trailer

The Man with the Golden Arm
Drummer Frankie Machine is out of detox and eager to get on with a big band career. Sinatra's piercing, Academy Award Ò -nominated portrayal is one of his best in this film, known for its landmark on-screen depictions of drug abuse.
Special Features:
•  New Featurette: Shoot Up/Shoot Out: The Story Behind The Man with the Golden Arm
•  Theatrical trailer

Some Came Running
Frank Sinatra plays World War II veteran Dave Hirsh, whose arrival back in his hometown brings small-town hypocrisy to the unforgiving light of day. Costar Shirley MacLaine was nominated for her performance.

Special Features:
•  New Featurette: The Story of Some Came Running - an exclusive 'making-of' retrospective
•  Theatrical Trailer

The Tender Trap
Debbie Reynolds sets her marital sights on Manhattan talent agent Sinatra, who is dedicated to life, liberty and the happiness of pursuit. Love is indeed The Tender Trap .

Special Features:
•  New Featurette: Frank's Way
•  Soundtrack remastered in 5.1 audio
•  Theatrical Trailer

Marriage on the Rocks
A bored wife (Deborah Kerr) swaps her fuddy-duddy hubby Dan (Sinatra) for his swinging bachelor best friend Ernie (Martin) - and sparks fly.

Special Features :
•  Theatrical Trailer

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Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly
Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly
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Frank Sinatra - The Early Years
Frank Sinatra: Early Years
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Frank Sinatra - The Golden Years
Frank Sinatra: Golden Years
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Frank Sinatra - The Rat Pack
Frank Sinatra: The Rat Pack
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