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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 2 Recap:
Meeting by the water tank, Duck tells Jammer and Tyrol that as much as he wants to join the Resistance, he has other plans. He then leaves.

Tyrol wants to know what Duck meant by other plans. Jammer indicates that he's referring to Nora. Tyrol doesn't like that. He says that he has a wife and kid himself. He points out that if they just "lay down and quit," they won't leave their families much of a future. He considers Duck's decision to be a poor excuse. Jammer counters that Duck is not a coward. He says that Duck made his decision and they made theirs and to leave it at that. Tyrol still isn't happy and walks off. Jammer returns to filling water jugs.

In the temple, Jammer, Barolay and Tigh participate in a prayer against blight upon the crops.

Sister Tivenan then leaves the temple.

Still kneeling in the temple, Barolay tells Tigh that they've gathered all the weapons to crates marked as machine parts. They plan to smuggle them into the temple a few at a time. Jammer looks surprised and asks if they plan to hide weapons in temple. Barolay wants to know what's wrong with it. Jammer says that the temple is sacred ground and even the Cylons respect that. Tigh says that's exactly why the temple is the perfect place to stash the weapons. Jammer says that it's sacrilege. Tigh tells him to say a prayer to ask for forgiveness. Tigh says that they will move the weapons in that night. He then leaves, immediately followed by Barolay. Jammer continues to kneel, stone-faced.

Characters that appear: Duck, Tyrol, Jammer, Barolay, Tigh, Sister Tivenan

  • Likely takes place the day after the events of the first webisode.
  • Duck has decided to try to start a family while living quietly under Cylon oppression.
  • Tyrol counters that he's willing to take the risk because he wants to give his family a real future.
  • Tigh and Barolay have no qualms about hiding weapons in the temple, because the Cylons respect their beliefs.
  • Jammer shows that unlike the others, he is not yet in a "win at all costs" mode, he defends Duck's decision and later questions hiding the weapons in the temple.
  • Some interesting dynamics have already been explored with the five main characters in the two webisodes:
    • Tigh, a long-time military officer, has a "win at all costs" mentality and willing to put civilians at risk. He has no qualms since he's long used to ordering others into danger.
    • Barolay, a civilian turned resistance fighter on Caprica, has the same "win at all costs" mentality. Because of her experiences on Caprica, she likely now believes that there are non-combatants, either you fight the Cylons or you're with them.
    • Tyrol , who is essentially a mechanic, is enough of a soldier to be willing to fight the Cylon, but maybe not at "all costs." He has started a new family, but the arrival of the Cylons has reawakened the soldier in him. However, his new family gives him the perspective that Tigh is missing.
    • Jammer, another mechanic who served under Tyrol , doesn't like the Cylons, but might be finding that he doesn't have as much fight in him as he thought. He's only seen fighting done by those who willing to go to battle and likely considers that humanity need not go the Cylons' level.
    • Duck, who as a Viper pilot has been on the front-line defending the fleet against the Cylons, has no fight in him. Duck has fully embraced the "new beginning" on New Caprica, is trying to start a family and is ready to walk away from being a soldier.
  • This webisode appears to take place the day after webisode 1.

  • Even though the Cylons are monotheist, they apparently show respect to the New Capricans temple for their polytheist religion.

  • Running time: ~ 1:50
  • Barolay had previously been a member of Anders' resistance cell on Caprica. She escaped with him when Starbuck later returned to Caprica again.

Unanswered Questions:
  • In light of his reaction, will Tyrol take further action against Duck?
  • Is Jammer going to begin to doubt the Resistance and his involvement in it based on his reactions to Tyrol , Barolay and Tigh?

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