Continental Army Eastern (New England) Department Commanders
April 4, 1776 - November 1779

Continental Army

- Established when General George Washington and the Main Army vacated Boston and moved to New York.

Artemas Ward:
April 4, 1776 - March 20, 1777
- Having been in command of American forces during the Battle of Bunker Hill, he was disappointed that General George Washington had been appointed Commander-in-Chief.
- He and Washington did not like each other, although they managed to not clash with one another.
- After the British evacuated Boston, Washington decided to move the main Continental forces to New York. The new department was then created and Ward was given appointed to the command.
- Ward soon wanted to resign, but was persuaded to remain in command until a 'suitable replacement was available.

William Heath:
March 20, 1777 - November 7, 1778
- General George Washington selected Heath for the post because it was far from any threat of action.

Horatio Gates:
November 7, 1778 - November 1779
- Following his failed attempt to replace General George Washington as Commander-in-Chief, Washington offered him command of an Indian campaign or this post. Gates chose this quiet post.
- Gates was actually wintering at his home when Congress chose to abolish the department.

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Picture: The Delaware Regiment at the Battle of Long Island. Painting by Domenick D'Andrea for the National Guard Bureau Heritage Series

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