Continental Army Adjutant Generals: June 16, 1775 - end of war
Continental Army

Horatio Gates:
June 17, 1775 - June 5, 1776
- As a former officer in the British Army, Gates was commissioned as the Continental Army's first Adjutant General with the rank of Brigadier General.
- Gates resigned from the position to pursue field command and was eventually named Commander of the Canadian Department.

Joseph Reed:
June 5, 1776 - January 13, 1777
- Some sources give January 22 as his last day of service in the position.
- Served without pay for much of his military service.
- Served as General George Washington's aide-de-camp until being elected Adjutant General.
- Resigned from the position perhaps in response to controversy over a letter from Major General Charles Lee in which Washington's ability as Commander-in-chief was questioned.

January 14, 1777 - June 17, 1777
- The position was officially vacant for the first half of 1777. The position was filled by four successive acting adjutant generals in the meantime.

Arthur St. Clair (Acting):
January 22, 1777 - February 19, 1777
- St. Clair's tenure as Acting Adjutant General ended following his promotion to Major General on February 19, 1777.

George Weedon (Acting):
February 20, 1777 - February 28, 1777
- Weedon was promoted to Brigadier General on February 21, 1777 (some sources give February 27, 1777 as the date).

Isaac Budd Dunn (Acting):
March 1, 1777 - April 9, 1777

Morgan Connor (Acting):
April 19, 1777 - June 17, 1777

Timothy Pickering:
June 18, 1777 - January 5, 1778
- General George Washington first offered the position to Pickering in March 1777. Pickering initially declined, but later reconsidered and accepted the position.
- He was elected to the newly formed Board of War on November 7, 1777.
- His replacement was elected on January 5, 1778, but he continued to perform the duties until January 13, 1778.

Alexander Scammell:
January 5, 1778 - January 1, 1781
- He was elected to the position on January 5, 1778, but did not assume the duties until January 13, 1778.
- In the position, he was tasked with arresting Major General Charles Lee and the execution of British Major John André.
- After a couple years in the position, he requested a return to field command and was appointed as Colonel of the 1st New Hampshire Regiment on November 1, 1780, though he continued to serve as Adjutant General for another two months.
- He submitted his resignation on November 16, 1780 with an effective date of January 1, 1781.

Edward Hand:
January 8, 1781 - end of war
- He was elected to the position following Alexander Scammell's resignation.

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Picture: The Delaware Regiment at the Battle of Long Island. Painting by Domenick D'Andrea for the National Guard Bureau Heritage Series

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