British Army Commanders in America:
British Army

Lt. General Thomas Gage (1763-1775)
- Military Governor of Massachusetts in 1774-1775.
- Commanding officer at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 22, 1775.
- Resigned following Bunker Hill, but remained in command until October 10, 1775.

Maj. General Sir William Howe (1775-1778)
- Replaced General Gage on October 10, 1775, following Gage's resignation.
- Resigned in the winter of 1777-1778 in protest over not being sent requested reinforcements.

Lt. General Sir Henry Clinton (1778-1782)
- Replaced General Howe on March 21, 1778.
- Returned to England following the Battle of Yorktown and was villified for losing America.

Lt. General Sir Guy Carleton (1782-end of war)
- Replaced General Clinton on March 26, 1782, when the war was for all purposes over.
- Governor General of Canada before and after the American Revolution.

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